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Considering that you spend the majority of your busy week in your home or in your office, these two areas should be made to feel the most comfortable. Being too hot, too cold and dealing with any kind of discomfort can interrupt the productivity or relaxation levels of anyone. Furthermore, the current trend these days is to ensure that these areas should not waste energy, damage your belongings or raise your bills.

By using window film you are able to create a comfortable hive of productivity for your workspace and a sanctuary of relaxation for your home. It is a cost-effective and easy way to rid your space of irritants.

Here are seven pros to using window film:

 1.      It is quick and easy.

The glass in your office or home can be treated with window film in one short afternoon and similarly, removed and replaced in the same amount of time. It is a no-mess, no-fuss type of installation that won’t damage your glass or create a mess in your home.

 2.      It is cost-effective.

Window film is a cost-effective installation by comparison to the other window treatment options out there. Even if you decide to custom-design window film to suit your specific tastes, it will still remain less expensive than curtains, blinds or the like.

 3.      Window film is eco-friendly.

Window film has insulating properties, keeping the interior of your home cool in summer and warm in winter – diminishing the need for temperature control appliances. Furthermore, window film allows for more natural light to illuminate your interior lessening your need for keeping your lights on. This will see to it that you save money on your utility bills.

 4.      It creates a more comfortable environment.

Window film cuts out the irritating glare from the sun which often blocks your vision of the TV or your computer – which means you can curl up in a beam of sunlight on the couch and comfortably continue working on your laptop or continue watching TV.

 5.      Window film protects your furniture.

Window film filters out 95% of UV rays which are notorious carpet faders and can ruin your furniture and curtains.

 6.      It is decorative and easily updated.

Window film can be designed to suit any style and interior design motif. Creating a fluid design style throughout your home is easily achieved with window film and because it is not a permanent treatment, it can be updated quickly and with ease.

 7.      It assists with security.

The glass in your home or office often provides vulnerable entry points where criminals may look to spy on your valuables and consider breaking and entering your property. By installing window film you are able to customise the level of privacy you need in different areas of your home or office space.

To find out more about how to use window film in your home please have a look through our Window Coverings Guide. Alternatively, have a look through our designs here and check out our pricing calculator here.

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