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We have chosen three grand interior design styles that we have seen in some of the most gorgeous homes in our ‘on-the-job’ travels. We decided to share them with you and list some simple ways in which you can create these styles.

1.    A modern interior design style

This interior design style avoids an excess of decorative pieces or accessories in the home, choosing function above anything else. Not to say that it is not stylish – it is, as this style includes bold colour, glossy finishes and clean lines. It offers a simplistic look by maximising space and minimising fuss.

The use of glass is predominant within this style as it opens up small spaces, allowing the home to appear larger. Glass also allows for natural lighting, which creates a sense of relaxation, wellbeing and warmth. Due to the fuss-free attitude of this interior design style, windows are commonly left uncovered. Curtains and blinds would hamper the simplistic feel of this style, therefore frosted or tinted windows are preferable. Frosted window decals are ideal as they maximise natural lighting, provide optimum privacy day and night and offer insulation properties.

  • Choose polished and uncomplicated functional pieces.
  • Install frosted vinyl decals on the windows.
  • Steer clear of decorative accessories that do not have a specific function.
  • Downplay the use of textures and layers.
  • Include pieces that have clean lines or geometrical shapes.
  • Keep the colour scheme neutral and choose only one additional colour as a bold, accent colour.

2.    An art deco interior design style

Art deco is a style that captures the renewed sense of freedom and wealth experienced by post-war Europe after the end of the First World War. It makes use of polished and glossy black as its base colour with other colours used moderately. Often only one or two colours (such as white, green or pale blue) are used, particularly to soften the harsh black base. The furniture is often made of lacquered wood, in black or industrial chrome and paired with velour as the material for upholstery.

Frosted or stained glassware are popular accessories that contrast the sleek, clean surfaces used in this interior design style. Popular glass items include mirrors, vases and lampshades all treated with frosted glass details that include geometric shapes, roses and peacocks.

  • Install numerous light sources and pair them with frosted glass lampshades or coverings – frost the glass with vinyl decals for the desired effect.
  • Use black as the base colour for the background.
  • Include mirrors frosted with vinyl decals in geometric shapes or a repeated tableau.
  • Scour second-hand furniture stores for lacquered wood furniture with velour upholstery.
  • Choose bold, glamorous and overly decorative pieces and accessories.

3.    An industrial or urban interior design style

The key to creating an urban or industrial interior lies in making use of non-traditional features and materials that would ordinarily be seen in an industrial setting. Concrete floors, exposed brick walls and unfinished surfaces all create a distinctly industrial feel.

This type of design may seem cold and harsh. However, because of the use of expansive windows, roof dormers and skylights, the interior is warm, comfortable and fresh. This interior design style commonly makes use of open-floor plans and cleverly designed space solutions, such as creating a kitchen area that has a wide countertop with accompanying barstools to provide a dining area.

  • Remove cupboard doors or other covering to expose shelving, plumbing and other functional systems such as the geyser or oven and hob’s chimney shoot.
  • Choose unique industrial objects that can be easily cleaned and treated to decorate and accessorise the interior.
  • Use brass, copper and chrome fittings to offset the raw material features.
  • Keep colours neutral and include organic wooden pieces to soften the cool, steely look of the industrial pieces.
  • Treat your windows and roof dormers with frosted vinyl decals to meet your privacy needs as blinds or curtains will hinder the look.

These styles can be found in the houses of the crème de la crème and all three make considerable use of glass. For an array of inspired frosted glass options and to find a design to suit your interior, please download our free Window Frosting Inspiration guide below.

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