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Modern house designs include eye-catching art deco lofts, sophisticated and minimalist new age homes, and over-the-top French antique estates. Out of the many options offered up by the design community, we have decided on three that are gaining traction and we are certain will be enjoyed for quite some time.

Here are three modern house designs that we think are top-notch:

Industrial chic

Creating a modern house design that has an industrial flavour to it means stripping down as opposed to covering up. For instance, you could remove your kitchen cupboards and replace them with simple shelving, exposing the plumbing underneath your sink. This will look incredible if it is paired with a brass or steel sink.

You might want to include various pieces that you wouldn’t normally find in the home. For instance, if your coffee table is in need of an update, you could remove the legs and replace them with steel legs or even attach a large industrial trolley. To create a more industrial feel with your ceiling lighting, remove the shades and replace the bulbs with vintage Edison bulbs – these will give a warm glow to the room.

Industrial design style uses the natural building materials of the property as its feature pieces. It is recommended that you incorporate exposed brick walls or consider concrete for the floors or walls. If you have painted walls then opt for large artistic pieces on boxed canvas rather than framed paintings.

Rustic organic living

This modern house design is truly inspired by nature and blurs the lines between the outdoors and your interior. You should look to include organic elements that leave you feeling peaceful, such as an indoor water feature.

Wood is the absolute must-have material that fits perfectly into this modern house design. It can be incorporated into any layout and if your home does not have the structural wood elements that may be found in the likes of an old farmhouse or Victorian home, then you can add faux beams or columns to your home.

You could also source some great artisan craft wood pieces that are unique and show the imperfections in the wood, which is really what gives this material its charm.

Shabby chic

Shabby chic could be described as one part cheerful, one part feminine and two parts comfort with a drizzle of antique. Anyone who chooses this as their modern house design style is after a balanced intermingling of beauty and comfort. Shabby chic makes use of over-sized couches, exaggerated scatter cushions and flea-market furniture. All the furniture used to create this style looks distressed, giving it a vintage feel. However, it is often paired with luxurious wallpaper or shiny, expensive-looking decorative pieces.

The colour pallet for such a look is often pastel with soft whites, pale pinks, mint green and grey. Most often these are offset with brass or silver items and oil paintings.

This design runs the risk of becoming too fussy, so keep it balanced with plain and sheer curtains on metal rods or frosted window vinyl decals for a fuss-free alternative.

Modern house designs use glass to maximise natural light.

Modern home designs have turned glass into a staple within any home’s exterior or interior design. Floor to ceiling windows, sliding doors, skylights and expansive staircase windows can be found in just about any modern home today. The reason? To include as much natural lighting in the home as possible.

The popularity of natural light in the home grew as people were educated on how to live in a more environmentally friendly way. Running a sustainable household meant cutting down on many things, and electricity was on the top of the list. More natural light meant less artificial lighting and less use of temperature control appliances. Glass is also a popular material as it exudes elegance and sophistication in any home.

Glass can be treated in many different ways to give it a designer look.

You have the option of glass staining, glass tinting, decorative sandblasting and using frosted window vinyl to have the glass in your home correlate with the style you subscribe to. All of these solutions allow for the use of natural light and offer some kind of privacy too.

The solution that guarantees the best use of natural light and custom-made privacy is frosted window vinyl. Frosted vinyl has the same look as decorative sandblasting. However, it will not damage the glass, it is easier to clean and does not become transparent when wet. The added benefit is that frosted vinyl can be made to fit any modern house design – whether it is industrial chic, shabby chic or simply très chic.

To see a collection of our design capabilities, please have a look at our gallery.

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