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Frosted glass is a popular decorative feature in home design, for obvious reasons: it offers customised privacy, takes advantage of natural lighting and is easy to maintain.

There are a number of solutions available to achieve the frosted glass look.

The most permanent solution to frosting the glass in your home is through sandblasting however it is costly to install and costly to change should you tire of the design.  Frosted window decals are not as permanent as they can be easily removed. The differences between these two popular options have to do with the benefits. Here are three considerations when making a decision as to which option is best for you:

1.    Consider the maintenance involved in each solution.

Sandblasted glass and frosted window decals are both fuss-free as opposed to curtains or blinds. However, the finish of sandblasted glass is rough in texture. This is due to the glass becoming porous from the abrasive blasting. This results in the finished product requiring frequent cleaning as the porous glass tends to trap grease, oil and grime. Frosted window decals do not need such vigorous or frequent cleaning as they have a smooth finish that requires very little attention.

2.    Sandblasted glass is irreversible, whereas frosted decals can be removed without damaging the glass.

The interior design and décor in your home is a personal statement and it’s also subject to change. Consider your taste in fashion and how it has changed over the years – the same kind of changes are bound to happen with your design and décor taste. You don’t want to be stuck with a design you don’t like without the option to change it.

Frosted glass achieved via sandblasting is permanent and cannot be altered. Making a decision to alter the glass in your home permanently can be quite daunting as in order to change it, you need to replace the glass panes entirely.

Frosted window decals are removable and yet offer the same look and design element as sandblasted glass. Window Art offers frosted window decals that, whilst removable, come with a 10-year warranty. This means that the product will remain in good condition for as long as you like the design. However, should you decide to redecorate and change up your style, you can easily remove the vinyl decals hassle-free.

3.    Sandblasting weakens glass, but frosted vinyl decals can support it.

While glass is a widely used material in architecture, it still remains one of the most fragile building materials. It is easily shattered and all too often is the cause of accidents in the home environment. Moreover, when glass is broken it is very difficult to clean up.

The permanent solution of sandblasted glass results in weakened glass. Abrasive sandblasting removes up to 2mm off the surface of the glass, resulting in glass that is even easier to break or shatter. Before opting for sandblasted glass, you need to consider the function of the glass you wish to sandblast and whether it is safe to do so or not.

Frosted vinyl decals outshine sandblasted glass in this respect as vinyl decals actually protect and strengthen glass. In fact, the application of vinyl decals makes glass shatterproof. In the event that the glass does break, vinyl decals contain the broken pieces, making the mess far easier to clean up.

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