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We usually pay extra attention to our table decorations when Christmas rolls around and we go out of way to show them off to our guests. Here are ingenious table design trends to guarantee your guests will be gaping and begging you to share your décor secrets with them.

Jars are not just for sweets.

There is so much you can do with jars making these usually discarded items incredibly useful. Add some street cred to your table with these DIY upcyclables.

  • Flowers on tables go together like bees and honey, so put popular Christmas flowers in jars instead of your traditional vase.
  • Place Christmas ornaments in empty jars or random items of red and green.

This blog, has loads of DIY design trends and decoration tips, for instance, fill a jar with epsom salt and put little trees inside to make it look like a snow forest

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There are hundreds of rose species to choose from so get pruning.

Take red or white roses and submerge them in water in a clear glass, the effect is quite dainty. Take it a step further and float a small, round on the top of the glass. You don’t have to worry about remembering to water the roses and they will keep for longer.

Design trends making use of plants, ornaments, candles and wine glasses in creative ways.

Take unconventional items and use them to elegantly decorate your table, these design trends are quick and easy to mimic.

  • Place a white tablecloth over your table and add three different sized aloe plants in a circle right in the middle of the table and add a christmas wreath to go around it.
  • Bring a piece of something from outside and put it on your table, such as intricate leaves or the petals of roses and spread them across the table.
  • You can never go wrong with candles, you have many arrangements and colours to choose from. Avoid using scented candles, because the smell could be off-putting for your guests while they eat.
  • Tip a wine glass over a piece of decoration and place a candle on the bottom of the glass, which of course is now at the top.
  • Fill a tray  with pinecones, ornaments and Christmas plants.
  • Get a wooden box and place all kinds of leaves in it, touch it up by allowing red candles to lie on top of the leaves.

Decorations you can make yourself.

Make a chandelier wreath to hang over your table or make  Christmas tree serviettes to place on your table. Check out these other fantastic DIY decorations ideas  if you’re on a budget.

What if you have a glass table? You could drape a tablecloth over it, but then it will hide the glass. Decorate your glass table using Christmas vinyl art. Like what you see? Want more vinyl art inspiration? Grab a copy of our home renovation guide and start planning your renovations today.

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