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After very precariously stalking a few lovely Instagram accounts, here are my findings and the undisputed winners of the best home design profiles to follow if you are seeking more va-va-voom for your home décor.

A cool cat blogger with an awe-inspiring Instagram account

Meet Holly Becker an American-based interior designer who also happens to be an international bestselling author, so naturally her Instagram account features books she’s currently reading and gives you the low down how why you should read them too.

Her blog Decor8, features ways to wrap gifts, great recipes, décor DIY and her account is a true reflection of this. Her images are simply stunning and sure to wow anyone who lays eyes on them. Images of living rooms and distance shots of buildings seem to be her signature design.

Kelly Vittengl – the rug slinger

Kelly is all about rugs, rugs, rugs – no kidding. See how she manages to find spots for her rugs in the most unlikely of places, it’s almost as if she’s riding around on a magic carpet. “The rug is the soul of a room, it pulls everything together by adding an effortless warmth,” says Kelly Vittengl. According to Kelly, every rug has a story of its own and when placed in your home, you get to create your very own chapter.

Home design excellence

Homepolish’s account represents every room they’ve worked on, all wrapped up nicely for you. You can steal an idea here, a concept there and polish your home nicely. We agree with them, it is totally rad! It seems their centre focus is in the living room, but every photo is different, capturing the very soul of their clients. This Instagram account is the ultimate go-to chill zone.

Emily Katz’ Instagram account is full of pizzazz

Emily Katz’s account is a breath of fresh air and full of positivity. What we love about her images is that they are always bright, showing off natural light to its fullest. The sunlight in every image hits everything featured in the room perfectly.

An Aussie on a mission

What kind of horrible person would I be if I didn’t at least feature one male interior designer? My favourite is Mr Jason Grant, you can almost hear him speaking in a sexy Aussie accent… Apologies, I got a little distracted there … more about his account then. It’s very clean and sophisticated, he loves adding in a few pictures of himself every now and again – absolutely nothing wrong with that. It’s almost as if he’s trying to take you through his life journey, where some Instagram accounts seem disconnected and inhuman, his if full of life.

If I can squeeze one more in here, it would have to be Tessa Neustadt, for her beautifully polished-to-perfection Instagram photos. Without a doubt she’s a photographer and has an eye for home design photography. Instagram was made for her.

Instagram is a simple way to follow trends in the home design industry and be inspired to use these ideas for your own.

Adding vinyl art to your windows provides the perfect opportunity for an Instagram photoshot, trust me, you’ll never want to stop taking pictures of your beautifully arranged vinyl art. Contact us today to get the inspiration going…

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