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New Year’s resolutions are often extremely difficult to stick to. Often, they are based on what we wish to achieve and as the year progresses our commitment wanes and the resolutions fly out the window. Starting 2015 by giving your home a makeover is a resolution that is not at all difficult to achieve. We have put together a couple of home makeover ideas that you can easily include in your New Year’s resolutions – they are achievable, affordable and refreshing.

Here are our home makeover ideas that will have you house proud in 2015:

Create a charming kitchen.

The kitchen is often made up of many different styles as it is often filled with ‘hand-me-downs’ from mom and gran. Unless your particular style is mix ‘n match, you can look to create a sophisticated kitchen area by unifying your colour scheme. Consider switching all your appliances to stainless steel and choosing one light colour in which to paint all your cabinets. A new coat of paint on tired cabinets can make the world of difference and is far more affordable than installing brand new cabinets.

Add indoor plants all over the home.

Adding indoor plants into your home is a really good idea. As far as home makeover ideas go this one is really simple and cost-effective. Including plants in your home will change the atmosphere slightly by bringing the outdoors inside and they do a good job of cleaning the air. Use potted plants to brighten up dull corners, windowsills and fireplaces and use fresh flowers in interesting holders – such as pitchers, mugs and watering cans – as a centrepiece in every room.

Create a feature wall without having to break out the paintbrush.

You can frame just about anything and turn it into a piece of art for an empty wall. You could consider your children’s artwork, vintage movie posters and even inexpensive mirrors. Make sure you follow a theme and have a map of the arrangement that you are after and the result will be an instant new look to the room.

You could also use plates of different colours and sizes that complement each other. Plates are inexpensive and easy to secure to any wall but create an interesting focal point in the room.

Brighten up any dark corners and crevices by getting rid of your drapes.

Curtains and blinds are a staple in most homes, especially those that haven’t had a style update in a while. They offer privacy and protection but they also block out natural light. Window treatment solutions such as frosted window vinyl offer customised privacy and allow for the optimising of natural light in the home. By using frosted vinyl on your windows and glass doors you can create another element of design in the home too.

These and many more home makeover ideas for 2015 can be found in abundance online. The home makeover ideas we have suggested are all quick, easy and affordable. To find out more about how we can assist you please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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