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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” Leonardo Da Vinci. This is the ultimate modern décor tip and the sentiment to bear in mind when you’re looking to update your home décor. Simplicity in modern décor is far from mundane; it is rather the absence of pretentiousness and the inclusion of refined, calculated aesthetics.

Achieving this in your home might sound like a difficult feat, especially if interior design and décor is not your forte. However, there are ways of incorporating sophisticated modern décor in the home that allow everyone to achieve style to suit their taste.

Here are three of our top modern décor tips for those who feel less than confident about restyling their home:

 1.     Keep it functional, useful and (of course) beautiful.

Have a good think about the items you are filling your home with. Are they useful? Do they serve a purpose? Do they meet the needs of how your family lives and operates in the home? It is important to ask these questions about every item in each room. The items that you should definitely hold onto (or replace if they are tatty and outdated) are the ones that are useful and beautiful. Likewise, if you are looking to purchase a new item then it is important to ask whether it is useful, functional and beautiful. By doing so you will prevent unnecessary cluttering and unnecessary spend.

 2.     Settle on a predominant colour scheme and style, then choose one secondary colour scheme and style and stick to it.

Choose three or four colours that you enjoy and commit to them.  Whether you are purchasing carpets, wall paper or hand soap try to remain within the colour pallet you have chosen.  This allows you to make a conscious statement about your style and sticking to a colour scheme gives the room a finished look.

It can be overwhelming to try and confine your home to a modern décor style when you are inexperienced in interior decorating. Consider what you like and build around these ideas. For instance, do you enjoy bold colours and design? Do you prefer a streamlined, clean look with muted tones? Do you enjoy oversized, chunky furnishings or are you after straight clean lines? These questions will point you in the direction of the modern décor that you truly enjoy, without you becoming overwhelmed by the variety of style choices available. It is easier to say ‘I enjoy bold designs in muted tones and chunky furnishings’ that to try and decide between the design style of Industrial Chic and Country – and is it French, English or American country?

 3.     Imitate, copy and steal ideas.

Keep your eye out for ideas that inspire you. Tear out images from magazines, take pictures of displays you find in furniture stores, check out Pinterest boards and gather inspiration from your friends. Once you have a collection of your favourite look,s you can begin to consider how to incorporate them in your home.

Furthermore, every time you include a new item into a space, remove one item. This is an important rule, as it’s the only way to avoid clutter. We are all guilty of owning things that are simply space wasters. The gifts we never use, the decorative hand-me-down items that are kept for sentimental value and the holiday memorabilia from a vacation five years ago. These can be boxed and neatly stored away.

There are many things to take into account when giving your home a modern décor overhaul. Choosing suppliers who can guide you through the process is advisable. Window Art’s area of expertise is window dressing and we understand that choosing the window treatment that fits your new style can be difficult. If you would like to know more about how Window Art can create a window treatment to suit any modern décor style don’t hesitate to give us a call, or have a look here:

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