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Window coverings include roller blinds, curtains, shutters, frosted window vinyl and more. They serve both practical and decorative functions; managing sunlight and providing privacy from neighbours while serving as essential décor elements.

Choosing the right window coverings is an important part of any home renovation or decorating plans, because window coverings can completely change the look and feel of a room. Different window coverings and window treatments also come with unique benefits and drawbacks, so picking the right option really allows you to make the most of your windows and glass doors and walls.

Weigh up your privacy and lighting needs.

The most important thing to consider when choosing window coverings is the level of privacy you require. For some rooms – such as bedrooms or bathrooms on the first floor – complete privacy is non-negotiable. However, desiring privacy doesn’t mean you want to plunge a room into darkness.

It can be difficult to find a window covering with the right privacy-light balance. Thick curtains or wooden blinds, for instance, provide complete privacy when shut, but also block out absolutely all natural light. At the other end of the spectrum, window coverings in the form of very thin, sheer draperies let an abundance of light in but are also transparent and easy to see through.

Frosted window vinyl is one option that allows for a very high level of privacy while still letting in 93% of natural light. When you look through a window treated with frosted window vinyl, it’s only possible to see the vague form of someone standing nearby – no details are visible.

For rooms that don’t require a high level of privacy, or for rooms where you’d like to enjoy a beautiful view, you can design your vinyl decals to only partially cover your windows. This provides the level of privacy you need while still leaving some glass transparent.

Take your whole décor scheme into account.

When choosing window coverings, it’s helpful to have a good idea of what you want each room’s décor scheme to look like. Blinds, curtains or draperies have a significant effect on the look and feel of a room, so don’t buy anything before you’re absolutely sure it’s the right texture, style and colour. For instance, if you’re going for a modern, elegant look, old-fashioned blinds or shutters will really detract from the effect.

There are some window coverings that suit any décor scheme or style. For example, frosted window vinyl has a very neutral colour and subtle, understated appearance. This means that vinyl frosting won’t clash with any colour scheme.

What’s more, vinyl frosting can be paired with other window coverings. For example, frosting a bedroom window and also installing plush draperies allows you to get the bold, luxurious feel of the draperies while still maintaining privacy during the day.

Consider choosing eco-friendly, energy-saving window coverings.

Eco-friendly home design can help reduce your carbon footprint and lessen the pressure modern lifestyles put on the environment. An added bonus of eco-friendly home design is that it usually takes the form of energy-efficient innovations that result in lower electricity bills.

Because heat passes through glass easily, it can be a big energy waster. However, installing frosted window film insulates windows. This keeps your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer; saving precious energy and substantially lowering your heating bills.

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