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When you think of a traditional Easter, what pops to mind? Is it chocolate eggs, carrots, the Easter bunny or little chicklets? Throughout the years many things have shaped the way we celebrate Easter. The Easter bunny was introduced to America by Germans who brought along their stories of an egg-laying bunny rabbit that walked upright like a man.

More on the history of Easter

Children made beautiful nests so that the Easter bunny could place them inside. Over time, the chocolate concept was added, therefore the Easter bunny had to adapt by delivering the choc alternatives instead. Another sweet tradition is that children would leave out carrots for him to nibble on, should he grow tired from all of his hopping about.

When children would see that the carrots were all gobbled up, with teeth marks left on them as evidence that the Easter bunny had in fact been here it would excite their dear hearts. It’s sad that this along with other cherished traditions are no longer being incorporated in our homes. Here’s our décor ideas on how to blend Easter naturally into your home.

Try these fun decor ideas in your home this Easter

•Decorate hard boiled eggs, this old Easter tradition is getting pushed aside by the chocolate alternatives, but it’s a great way keep the kids entertained and to have decorated items ready to be scattered across the house. Decorate different batches the same colours and patterns so that when it comes down to the epic Easter egg hunt, your kids can locate their colour coded eggs which will sort out any unfairness or fighting.

•Once decorated you can place your eggs in a beautiful basket that’s decorated with green paper shavings (or real grass) and a few fresh carrots to make sure the basket is nice and full. You can put this basket on your living room table to delight your guests when they come around for that Sunday meal and add cute bunny serviettes on your server plates to top the look. If you’re feeling very creative make these adorable origami bunnies as a parting gift for your guests.

•With overseas Easter decor ideas, it’s popular to decorate a tree using Easter eggs. I have seen people using their Christmas tree to accomplish this, but you need not go to the trouble of unpacking such a massive item when you can use the plants you have around the house, readily available to be decorated.

Eggs in Easter represent renewal, perhaps it’s time for a change in your home by adding window frosting to your windows, the Easter bunny will definitely be impressed if you show off nature on your windows with one of our nature inspired window frosting designs. Get in contact with us today or request a quote.

What better time to change then during this time of new life, If you’ve tried any of the decor ideas we’d love to hear about it. Keep following our blog for more creative ideas in the decor stratosphere.

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