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Plain windows are boring, once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen a thousand. Why not take it a step further? Using frosted window film to spice up the visual appeal and overall ambiance of your home, giving you something to look forward to when you enter your house

Here’s what’s trending

It seems flowers and trees are here to stay, which is no surprise given that we all want to enjoy our natural environment. Our connection with nature directly affects our happiness (it’s a psychological thing). The 18th century poet Samuel Johnson stated, “Deviation from nature is deviation from happiness.” These patterns are versatile and bound to bring happiness to just about any area in your house.

Patterns are on the rise, perhaps as a result of the latest colouring-in for adults phenomenon, in any event, patterns are a great way to make a creative and bold statement in your home.

It’s trendy to have cabinets with glass windows in your kitchen to display your dishes. If you lace a light inside it will add that extra something-something. Now imagine what adding a frosted window film pattern will do for your kitchen cabinets and how the light coming in from above will bring out the image.

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Everyone is in love with originality, so enrich your space with customisable hand-picked designs.

Patterns for the bedroom

Teens will love the use of  frosted window film or window decals with  lines, circles or even birds to personalise their bedrooms. You could add a favourite quote  or the family motto.

If you live in a built up area and have a window or glass balcony that has a view of the city, using this edgy city feel pattern will fit right in.

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Patterns for africa

If you are a lover of the wild  you could use patterns such as leopard or zebra. Another great idea is to use frosted window film that incorporates the Big Five.

This could work particularly well in a bar, your kitchen or even bathroom.

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Go classic or go home

If you idolise Marilyn Manroe and already have her image in the form of scatter cushions or decorative prints in your house, you could also illuminate your bedroom window with her image.

The same applies to other iconic figures, such as Nelson Mandela (add one of his famous quotes such as, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”), Albert Einstein or possibly even Yoda (for Star Wars fans of course).

Images of these iconics will never go out of fashion and deserve to take up permanent residence in your home.

And now for some more trending designs …

Transform your living room from plain to spectacular by putting frosted window film at the bottom half of the window to give it a wallpaper feel.

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Make your windows pop using a maze pattern, squiggle or diamonds as window decals to decorate small windows.

Got anymore designs you think would look great in your home, we’d love to see them. Your windows are a blank canvas, get creative and try window frosted film today, your windows will thank you for making them feel special.  Browse our catalogue and get lost in your own inspiration.

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