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Forward-thinking companies today strive to create working environments that their employees will never want to leave. A super trendy, comfortable work environment could also help attract new employees to the company. Modern office décor ideas that began with beanbags and foosball tables have expanded to include writable walls, customised art and working lounges sporting oversized comfortable couches.

But what do you do if you are a lean start-up or operating a bootstrapped company? Expensive interior décor and design won’t be at the top of your priority list, and rightly so. Thankfully, not all office design and décor costs an arm and a leg. Window signage is one area where you can really cut costs but still create an office space that looks and feels trendy, stylish and comfortable.

Cut your electricity bill by making use of the sun.

First, expose your outside facing windows and glass doors by removing blinds and curtains. Then, install frosted window vinyl to take care of both your privacy and branding needs. For instance, you could decide to frost some of your office windows and doors almost entirely, leaving only your company name and branding transparent. Frosted vinyl allows for 93% of natural light to penetrate to the interior. In this way, you’re able to maximise the natural light in the office while still meeting all your privacy needs. Natural light diminishes the need for artificial lighting, which reduces your electricity bill and increases your staff’s feeling of wellbeing.

Customise your branding and design needs by using frosted vinyl as your window signage.

No matter your logo or slogan, no matter your font or borders, frosted vinyl decals can be custom designed and made to fit your business. What’s more, should you decide to rebrand or find yourself in the midst of a merger or acquisition, you can easily have the old window signage removed and replaced with new branding. Vinyl decals will not damage your glass in any way, but they must be removed and installed by a professional supplier.

Your interior décor can be enhanced by the use of window signage.

As we mentioned earlier, by using frosted vinyl window signage on the outward facing glass windows and doors you allow the natural to stream through the interior of the office. However, you also protect your staff and furniture from harmful UV rays and from the annoying glare that the sun creates when using computers, TVs or tablets.

Furthermore, any glass doors or windows that are inside the office space can be treated with creative window signage. For example, you might have a kitchenette or coffee station that is enclosed by glass office dividers. You could treat these interior glass dividers with frosted vinyl decals to make for a pleasing and trendy aesthetic. We recently wrote a blog about the benefits of glass office partitioning, which you can read here.

Your window signage options are limitless when you opt for frosted window vinyl.

We have treated many new office spaces with frosted window signage. Some business owners asked for designs inspired by the area where the office is situated, some wanted motivational quotes on the glass dividers and partitioning and one wanted the New York skyline to run around the coffee station that was enclosed by glass.

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