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It’s no secret that we have a love-hate (mostly hate) relationship at the mere mention of blinds,  for the simple fact that we know they can be practical (sometimes),  but they don’t offer any other benefits. We have all turned into fussy shoppers who take more time to mill over a product before buying it. It’s because we want to make extra sure we’re getting more out of buying a particular product as opposed to another product.

To blinds we only have one thing to say, “If a window of opportunity appears, don’t pull down the shade.” – Tom Peters.

Good cop vs bad cop

Sure blinds block out unwanted attention, but then you’re trapped behind them, but with window film it’ll make you feel as if you’re in a cop movie because you can see the shape of people standing half a metre from the glass, but it restricts how much people can look inside.

Blinds can’t handle the heat

Blinds like to deceive us into thinking they can cool down a room, they may be able to block visible light, but can’t prevent solar heat from coming inside. Not only will they fade over time, the will also ensure your furniture gets a taste of the sun’s wrath. When you received a test back from your teacher 80% is significantly better than 70%, and these mere numbers make a huge difference. Why settle for less when window film filters 95% of UV rays. Don’t compromise, leave your furnishings looking as chic as the day you brought them into your home.

Blinds have a dirty secret

Blinds are guilty of being dust collectors. No one wants to find themselves in the unfortunate situation of having to squeeze a cloth through the tight spots between the blinds. If you want to do a thorough job of it, mark it down on your chore list, because it will eat into your time as you carefully remove each blind, clean it and place it back.

Window film is your only line of defence

Window film takes care of every worry you’ve had when deciding on a window treatment for your home. So mark them off your list as we go:

•Blocks harmful UV rays and prevents fading of furniture.

•Limits sun glare (imagine watching TV without having to draw your curtains).

•Easy to clean (especially after a rainstorm).

•Provides cost-effective security.

•It’s a energy-saving machine, because it limits sun exposure. You won’t have to worry about cooling down in summer.

•It’s well insulated so it’ll trap the warmth inside in winter.

There are so many benefits to using vinyl decals, but we’ll stop while we’re ahead, it’s clear we’re the winners here. Get a quote today and discover the benefits of vinyl decals for yourself.

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