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No one can deny the power that corporate branding yeilds for all businesses. What business out there doesn’t want to increase its credibility, recognition and general appeal to customers? Aside from the day-to-day business of doing business, the struggle to stand out from the crowd is an ever-present thorn in a company owner’s side. So, how did the likes of Google, Coca-Cola and McDonalds do it?

The power of using corporate branding solutions.

Making use of corporate branding solutions has its many perks, including,

  • The promotion of brand recognition.

If your brand is consistent and its core messages are constantly being filtered out to the external public, you create an impression in people’s minds about what the company is all about. By keeping your brand image ever-present in their minds, customers will feel more comfortable with choosing you over your competitors.

  • A clearly defined and marketed brand motivates and sets a direction for all your staff.

If employees know what is expected of them, they will be more successful in driving the company to where you want it to be. Having a well-communicated and marketed brand in place, helps everyone stay focused on the mission, vision and goals of the company.

  • Your brand paints a picture in your customer’s minds.

The full brand experience that you give your customer’s tells them a story. If you’ve done it right, it will lead to brand loyalty. You’ll be able to emotionally appeal to, and connect with, your customers on a deeper level.

Types of corporate branding solutions.

A popular means of showing off your brand is on stationery. It’s a simple, yet elegant, way to spread the love. Other corporate branding solutions can include stamping your trademark on mugs, T-shirts and caps.

Say is with snail mail.

A clever way to use corporate branding soultions is to send an employee or client a birthday card, showing that you were thinking of that person by sending a heartfelt message, but don’t forget to let them know who it came from by adding the comnpany logo.

Let the light fall on your brand.

Window branding is an innovative way to motivate and advertise what your company is about. Many companies invest in window branding for a number of reasons including  increased promotion as well as privacy in the office.

You could also put your logo on a sweet, mint package or water bottles to give to clients when they come for a visit, so even as they get in their cars and head home, they will have that extra reminder of your company.

Make sure everyone knows about it.

When vodacom painted the town red it was one of the biggest brand migrations in South Africa and they made sure everyone knew about it. They pulled out all the stops to ensure the transition was a smooth one for all their stakeholders. Vodacom are branding geniuses and we can learn a thing or two from them.

You have to treat your brand as if it were a person, think of it as if it were alive so you have to nourish it. Your reputation is on the line. As Richard Branson puts it, ”Your brand is only as good as your reputation.” so get cracking on improving your reputation with Window Art’s corporate branding solutions.

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