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Sliding doors are making a unique comeback in home design décor, especially with adoption of hanging art deco wooden barn doors. While this is very much the ‘it’ trend of the moment. In fact, utilising glass sliding doors in different ways and areas of your home can breathe some new life (and light) into your home.

Glass sliding doors have for all intents and purposes been used to separate the interior from the outside patios and the like. However, this is no longer the case as you can bring glass sliding doors into your home to spruce up and modify your décor.

Glass is a timeless home style element

Whether you have a big double story entrance enhanced by a floor to ceiling glass window or a beautiful reading nook in which you can soak up the sun, glass is a décor element that will never go out of style.

It’s the way in which you use glass in your home that can help keep your style up-to-date. Most homes, new and old are built to optimise natural light and you’re bound to find a sliding door leading to the outside area. But why not use glass doors as part of your interior design in your home to create an open and modern feel?

There are many different ways to incorporate glass sliding doors inside your home

If you have an open plan home, it’s likely that you don’t want to use doors to divide different areas as you want to maintain the flow from one space to the next. With sliding doors, you can still separate areas without taking away from your open plan living style. Installing sliding doors in between living spaces such as the dining room, study and entertainment area gives you control over the ambience, privacy and sound levels. You can even make use of stackable glass doors to completely open up or enclose a space when required.

Glass sliding doors are a great way to show off certain areas inside your home

If you have an in-house cellar, you definitely want to show off your connoisseur wine collection. Although a cellar requires a certain temperature to keep all your wines at optimum temperature for aging, you can use glass sliding doors to insulate the cellar while still being able to peek inside at that prized 1985 Bordeaux.ieur l maintaining light and a flowtely open up a space. While u can still separate n feel?

 Replacing your regular wooden cupboard doors with glass sliding doors not only gives any room a more updated and chic look and feel, but also offers you an opportunity to showcase what’s inside. If for instance you have a fabulous red-soled Christian Louboutin collection – they deserve to be on display.

Maintain your privacy and express your style with tasteful vinyl decals

Decorating the glass sliding doors in your home with versatilevinyl decals can add to your open plan décor theme. You can customise the designs you want which will bring the sliding doors to life. Also, make use of window frosting in certain living areas to increase privacy. It allows for 93% natural light to stream through your home while remaining opaque during the daytime as well as after the sun sets and the lights are switched on.

However, if you decide to incorporate glass sliding doors in your home, the Window Art team is standing by to help you create truly unique space with artistic vinyl designs. For some inspiration browse through our Frosting Inspirations catalogue here.

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