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Why do we like to collect things? History shows us that we’ve always loved collecting items. Early humans would collect food and store it to ease their anxiety regarding their survival. Today we collect items because it makes us happy and, at times, fills an emotional gap. We collect all types of things, from family photos to trinkets from where we’ve been. At times we collect odd things like toys, Star Wars merchandise, or cute stationery. And when it comes to our room design, at times we’re guilty of collecting too many paintings, cutlery, silhouettes or themed décor such as bird motifs. But when does your collection become too much for your house to bear? We’ll show you how to keep your collection without feeling guilty.

Why do we like to collect things?

For everyone their reason is different, some people collect for investment, such as art collectors. Others collect to keep a bank of readily available good memories and refer to it as a pick-me-up. And for some, it’s to create a comfort zone. But to ensure your collecting habits don’t turn into something bad such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), you can use interior design principles to help keep you and your room design in check.

How to collect without feeling guilty later?

You need to think about why you are purchasing an item. If it’s to fill a need in the moment, it’s not worth the space it’ll take up back home. When collecting becomes hoarding then it’s a problem, remember the Beatles song, Can’t Buy Me Love…? Seems to describe this situation perfectly. De-cluttering is unpopular with collectors because they don’t want to have to get rid of a single item. But when you have too much stuff sitting on your shelves collecting dust, what good is it doing to your room design?

How a collector can incorporate the minimalist room design?

Collectors can use their collection items as a signature décor statement, but the key lies in owning the right amount. In a previous blog we looked at the basic principles of interior design. The blog mentioned the use of balance, this entails placing the right amount of décor in the room to ensure it’s not too heavy. If you have too many items in your collection it will become the focal point in the room, leaving the rest of the room unbalanced and messy. So, when someone walks in, it’ll be the only thing they see at the expense of everything else the room has to offer. So you want to keep your collection and have your home looking immaculate at the same time? Then try these great ideas on how to gorgeously store your collections.

We can help you create a minimalistic display’s of your passions

Vinyl art has a way of being perfectly paradoxical. It’s sleek and minimalist but also sophisticated and demands to be seen. It takes up so little space, but does not disappear from sight either. The best part is if you have a passion for designs and motifs such as flowers, trees and patterns, you can display them on your windows. For more information, download our vinyl art window covering guide.

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