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Gone are the days of Oprah and all her fancy friends on our TVs in the evening, giving us tips on the latest trends in eating, parenting and interior design ideas. Some of the home makeovers on Oprah and many other talk shows televised resplendent examples of chateaus that were nothing short of chic, classy and luxurious. In other words, picture perfect homes that were unattainable, too expensive and difficult to maintain.

We would like to introduce you to three interior design ideas that are attainable, not too expensive and guaranteed to modernize your home.

 1.     Fashionable interior design ideas approve of the white-on-white trend, provided there is texture.

You can’t go wrong with white-on-white for a stylish, smart and clean looking living area. Unless, of course, you end up with such a ‘clean’, monochromatic space that it feels clinical. The way to prevent this from happening is by adding different textures to the room. You can layer your seating areas with throws and scatter cushions of thick wool or crocheted items. In a white-on-white setting you are looking to create depth and mismatched shades of ivory, champagne and off-whites are no problem.

 2.     Creating a cosy environment is another interior design idea that is trendy at the moment and it can be achieved in any of the rooms in your home.

A cosy feature that you can introduce into your living area is a reading nook, where a moment’s relaxation is encouraged.  Ideally you want to choose a spot where there is a window that catches the morning or afternoon sun and place a comfortable couch or lazy boy in the space.

As this is a reading nook, a good idea is to use a creative window vinyl decal or frosting to ward off the sun’s glare and UV rays. This will also add design detail to the nook and still allow for natural light, whereas curtains or blinds would darken the area. Be sure to include a lamp to provide for late night page-turning sessions. The window vinyl decal or frosting will also provide the privacy you need, any time of the day.

 3.     The latest interior design ideas include quirkiness and often a message.

You don’t need to visit a high-end interior designer or store to see what we are talking about. The latest trend to display quotes, phrases or even song lyrics in yourhome can be seen in any retail homeware store. Many retailers have designed and mass-produced canvasses, pin boards and even scatter cushions with quotes on them. You could also look at purchasing a black board and writing your own message – provided you weren’t cursed with a doctor’s handwriting. This will often prove to be a conversation piece and an ‘icebreaker’ at the occasional soirée you might throw.

Apart from these interior design ideas, try not to overlook the obvious steps to beautify your home and create the space you desire.

For example, including plants and filling your vases with some wild flowers will always add a splash of colour and interest to a room. You do not need to overspend in order to achieve a stylish home, as there are some very cost-effective ideas that are DIY-friendly.

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