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Glass is made up of an alchemy of sand and other minerals smelted together at extremely high temperatures to create the beautiful transparent substance that adorns most of our windows. It’s been used since ancient times, but while it advantages are manifold to us humans it can prove irritating or even fatal to the animals in our lives.

Sometimes big wild world can be a bit too much to deal with.

If you have nervous or hyper dogs who sit by a window,and bark to their hearts content at anyone brave enough to walk by, it can become more than a little irritating not only to you, but your neighbours as well. Use window film to obscure their view and prevent over reaction to every little movement outside.

Among the other obvious benefits of using window film to protect your pooches is to ensure they don’t accidentally run into sliding doors, which not only confuses canines it also renders Homosapiens disoriented and left seeing stars if they happen to walk into the clear glass.

It’s called the ‘walking straight into a glass door’ phenomenon (I totally made that up).

No animal or human is immune, if you watch this video you’ll see that not even Justin Bieber is immune. The tough glass door is near indestructible, but we have found its kryptonite and it’s name is window film. It has saved countless arms, legs and body parts (but mostly your noggin).

Windows are a birdwatcher’s nightmare.

You’re minding your own business, having a cup of tea and feeling at ease as you stare out your window, suddenly you hear a suspicious ‘thud’ off your living room window. You go over to inspect where the sound came from and find a lifeless bird on the ground.

Birds may leave what is known as ‘bird imprints’ when they collide with windows, this illustrates the force at which they strike the window. These ‘Ghostly’ images leave a reminder of a once beautiful soul, left behind.

Millions of birds die from glass collisions in America alone. Daniel Klem of Muhlenberg College in his research on this issue writes, “Intensive studies at single homes reveal one out of every two strikes results in a fatality.”

What can you do to stop this senseless death?

Birds crash into windows because they see a natural environment reflect off the glass and assume it is a continuation of their natural space. Birds sometimes even attack glass, thinking their reflection is a rival bird. This happens often in spring time when birds are defending their territory.

To protect birds from glass collisions use vinyl decals on your window, which will appear as a solid item to birds but won’t compromise the natural light coming in through the house.

If you are going to use window film, make sure the artwork is spaced close together. Birds are comfortable flying through small spaces and if the designs are far enough apart the birds will assume they can fit through the space. Placing just one or two vinyl decal stickers is not going to cut it, so try to cover the entire window frame.

Most birds will avoid window film that incorporates stripes placed horizontally or vertically on your window, leaving no room for any bird to fit through.

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