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Nowadays, one of the most exciting new age decorating ideas is to turn your modern abode into a charming home with a distinct vintage feel. There are a bunch of lounge decorating ideas available that will aid you in creating a vintage look and feel that include adorning your home with renewed items from yesteryear. Gathering a treasure trove of old model cameras, typewriters and telephones will certainly add a touch of vintage to your living space.

For a true vintage style consider items and furniture that was produced from the 1920s to the 1960s – they often include playful colour schemes and an excessive use of fabric. The vintage style is also considered to be retro and often confused with shabby chic. Here are lounge decorating ideas that will give your living room a true vintage feel:

Install old school solid wood floors.

Solid wood floors help you to create an old-fashioned feel in your lounge. They will naturally meet the style of any furniture or décor you would choose to include in your home and have the ability to warm up the room. Wooden floors are a worthwhile investment as they are durable and will last you a lifetime.

Vintage lounge decorating ideas allow you to get playful with your walls.

So often we believe that we need to keep our walls plain and decorate them with specific pieces or create a feature wall with a different colour. But vintage lounge decorating ideas all allow you to get very creative with your walls and include interesting colours and even patterns. Pastels are specific to the vintage theme so look into duck egg blue, mint green and pale pink. You could also consider interesting wallpaper and floral patterns are a major theme in the vintage style. Floral wallpaper will also aid in creating a homely feel to the lounge.

Including antique pieces and restoring old furniture is a must for a vintage lounge, obviously.

Vintage lounge decorating ideas abound on the internet and all of them will tell you to include old antiques in your space. This is an obvious way of creating an old-fashioned theme, but antiques can be expensive. We suggest you look to garage sales and second-hand furniture shops for items that you could enjoy in your home. In this way, if you want to refurbish them with a lick of paint in an interesting colour you can do so without being worried about destroying an extremely expensive collector’s item.

Hit the flea markets for interesting fabrics.

A vintage-themed lounge area gives you leeway to play around with textures, fabrics and layers. If you are happy to try your hand at sewing then a collection of patterned handkerchiefs could be turned into a tablecloth for your coffee table. What’s more, you could create bespoke scatter cushions or fabric wall-hangings, giving your lounge a truly authentic vintage look and feel. 

Our Window Art team is used to receiving interesting requests from our customers who are looking to create a specific theme in their home. Because of this we have learnt how to custom-design our frosted vinyl and create decals to fit any type of décor, to suit anybody’s style. If you are interested in creating a vintage-inspired lounge area but don’t want to spend a fortune on new curtains to match your new style then frosted window vinyl is the ideal window treatment. Our designers will help you to create designer windows to match your vintage lounge.

For more home remodelling ideas and the like please have a browse through our Home Renovations Guide as it is packed with ideas and tips for anyone who is keen for a change of style or wants to upgrade their home.

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