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When you are working to a tight deadline or concentrating on a complicated document, there are few things more frustrating than trying to view a computer screen in a sunlit room. Not only is it uncomfortable, it also lowers productivity and ultimately results in unhappy workers. Window Art’s anti-glare film significantly reduces the glare of the sun, making it comfortable to work alongside open windows. Now you can turn any glass into an attractive feature and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Work without the added eyestrain from excessive light coming through the windows.
  • Get the benefits and serenity of a view, without the glare.
  • You can choose the level of opacity you want and create attractive features through our range of elegant designs.
  • Window vinyl filters 95% of UV rays, which fade carpets and curtains.
  • Vinyl saves energy by keeping out summer’s heat, slowing the transfer of heat through the glass.
  • Vinyl helps to retain warmth in winter.

Interested in installing window vinyl frosting in your business or office? Then use our easy Pricing Calculator to work out an estimate or read up more about How it works.

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