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For many years stained glass has fulfilled a purpose in religious buildings all around the world: limiting the view of the outside world, turning buildings into art forms, controlling light in spectacular ways and being used to tell a story.This technique flourished during medieval times. It can be seen as a form of painting because more elaborate stained glass works can be hand painted to outline detail and tones. Nowadays there are other ways of decorating your windows that offer a beautiful aesthetic and many other benefits too. If you are thinking about upping the ‘wow’ factor in your home, which one should you choose – a touch of stained glass or vinyl art?

Stained glass is pretty and all, but it’s a little needy

Stained glass can deteriorate quickly especially if you neglect it. This can result in a loss of the historical or artistic value of the piece. To ensure that stained glass is kept in pristine condition, one should do a monthly inspection of the glass window and ensure that the frame, caulk, cement and glass don\’t show signs of deterioration such as cracked putty. This is a dedicated process, for instance, all 128 stained glass windows at the York Minster has to regularly be maintained by a single trust. It’s best to leave inspections to the professionals due to the potential safety hazards when handling the lead (the metal pieces that hold the individual pieces of glass together).

Why you need to start searching for a new solution

Stained glass had its purpose throughout history, but times have changed.The world we live in today demands more from us than just a decorative window design, we need protection against harsh sunlight that’s getting stronger by the day. Vinyl decals are specially designed to block out harmful UV rays. At the same time, light does struggle to pass through stained glass windows, but this makes interiors appear darker. You don’t need to compromise.

Vinyl art is the solution

If you think you are safe from the sun’s UV rays because you’re indoors, you’re mistaken. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, ultraviolet rays are “good at finding you,” they bounce off objects and easily penetrate through normal glass. When it comes to your UV protection, vinyl art has you covered. The vinyl art will block 95% of harmful rays – leaving only natural light exposure in your room.

Get the same look with none of the hassle

Vinyl decals will achieve the same mysterious effect that you are trying to achieve, should you be thinking about adding stained glass in your home. Too much stained glass in a single room can soon turn gaudy, but vinyl art’s sleek nature is understated and elegant.

As we have seen in a previous blog, stained glass is losing popularity and that even churches are reluctant to use it. Incorporate a contemporary timeless look in your home that doesn’t need an elaborate maintenance schedule, your vinyl art will look the same for years to come, it will not fault under pressure. If this has gotten you thinking about what vinyl art could look like in your home, then download our company catalogue.

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