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The image above features an installation we completed for an auditorium. The interior design of this venue was chosen to inspire a feeling of warmth and coziness so as to ensure the audience is as relaxed as possible during presentations, talks or shows.

Glass was used as the structural material for the banisters so that the space remained open-plan and didn’t create isolated areas.

The banisters have been made out of glass so that the flow of design throughout the seated area is not segregated and the audience doesn’t feel any sense of separation. When the client decided they wanted to install some vinyl art on the glass banisters, they wanted to ensure that the glass remained as transparent as possible.

The client wanted vinyl art that would allow the glass to be as transparent as possible but still remain an interesting feature.

Therefore by mimicking the design on the carpet, a decorative feature was added to what was otherwise very plain glass. The client sent in a sample of the carpet and our designers set about to create decals that would replicate the carpet design.

Vinyl art is able to create a unique element of design in any type of space but it can

prove to be beneficial to the glass structures too.

Vinyl art used on structural glass such as these banisters is decorative but also assists with making the glass shatterproof. Glass is a notoriously difficult and dangerous material to clean up once it has been shattered, but the vinyl art decals assist with keeping the glass together when an accident occurs. If the glass is broken, little shards of glass won’t fly all over the place because they will remain stuck to the vinyl art decals.

Vinyl art, such as the frosted vinyl decals that Window Art specializes in, can be made to suit any home, office space or the like.

We have created a guide to assist you in choosing the type of frosted vinyl to suit any interior. If you would like to include vinyl art in your design, please download our free ebook ‘Frosting Inspirations’. For any further queries please contact Window Art directly for a consultation.

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