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We’ve picked a really fun installation to share with you this week. These vinyl decals were applied to sliding doors that lead from a child’s bedroom to the patio in this family home.

We love the playfulness of this butterfly design. The little girl who the bedroom belongs to is fascinated by butterflies, bugs and flowers, which inspired this whimsical, girlish design. The butterfly installation is a huge hit with the girl and her friends; instead of just being a clear glass door, it’s now a beautiful backdrop to their imaginative games.

Vinyl decals are a great option for sliding doors. Because sandblasting takes up to 2mm off the thickness of glass, it is usually unsuitable for sliding doors. This is because sliding doors can’t risk having thin or weakened glass due to the safety risks associated. Sliding doors are made from very large panes of glass and kids, adults and pets alike are prone to accidentally walking straight into them. You can’t run the risk of your glass shattering when this happens – so sandblasting on sliding doors is a no-go.

Unlike sandblasting, however, vinyl decals actually make sliding doors stronger and shatterproof. Window vinyl adds a layer of film to the surface of glass, so even if the glass does break, the vinyl film keeps shards and splinters of glass together.

Of course, another way that applying vinyl decals to sliding doors makes them less likely to break is the simple fact that it makes the glass visible – so even overexcited children and unruly pets are less likely to crash into the glass accidentally.

These fun, butterfly-inspired vinyl decals also have other advantages besides making the glass shatterproof. Window vinyl is UV resistant; protecting the inhabitants from the dangerous effects of the sun. The vinyl decals also act as a burglar deterrent by not advertising the contents of the bedroom to opportunistic passers-by.

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