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Modern office design is all about chic, creative, functional spaces. Thanks to the application of frosted vinyl decals, this large glass door ticks all three boxes.

Modern office design favours elegant, chic décor that projects a sense of professionalism and efficiency. For this reason, glass is a popular material, and the classic, sandblasted look of vinyl frosting transforms glass into the epitome of elegance. The door featured here leads into an informal meeting room in an upmarket office. The combination of vinyl frosting, chrome finishes and clear glass results in a stylish door with just the right amount of ‘wow’ factor.

These days, creativity is valued in the workplace. Accordingly, modern office design is embracing art and creativity more than ever before. Employees who work in attractive, interesting surroundings are more productive than those who work in dreary, depressing offices. With this in mind, instead of simply frosting the entire door with one solid sheet of frosting, or leaving the entire door transparent, the decorators have taken the opportunity to turn this door into a highly creative décor element and veritable work of art.

While creativity is valued in modern office design, functionality is still the most important consideration. There’s no point having a beautiful office interior if the space isn’t conducive to working. While glass looks great, it doesn’t provide any privacy. This can be a problem in the workplace, where employees need some level of privacy in order to focus on their work or meet with colleagues and clients in confidence. This meeting room functions as a space where meetings can be held in an informal and comfortable manner. A level of privacy is useful in this situation, both to minimise distractions and to give those meeting inside a sense of discretion. Frosted vinyl decals provide just the right level of privacy while still showing off the elegance of glass.

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