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This particular home installation showcases just how ‘flexible’ vinyl decals really are. The owner of this home was perplexed as to what to do about these square and triangular (tiny) windows because they posed a threat to his privacy and security. However, he was unable to get rid of these windows as they allowed for natural light into the lounge area of the home and if they were covered the lounge would become extremely dark.

These small square and triangular windows look out onto the drive way right in the front of this double-storey house. The drive way is very sloped and the house is at the bottom of this steep incline which means that the lower level of the home is quite dark as it is shadowed by the driveway. The homeowner was well-aware of the need for natural lighting to be included in this part of the home so removing these windows was out of the question. The answer was to have them treated with frosted vinyl decals.

The frosted vinyl decals are a perfect fit for these obscure little windows.

Vinyl decals can be custom-made to suit any size and shape. They are easily cut into different shapes and where curtains and blinds are not an option, vinyl decals can be easily installed.

These vinyl decals attended to the homeowner’s privacy needs.

These frosted vinyl decals make the windows completely opaque and protect the residents from any prying eyes or opportunistic criminals who may wander down the driveway. Even in the evening when the lights are switched on, the vinyl decals will remain opaque – not even showing the outline of the people or furniture inside. This diminished any security risk or privacy concern.

The frosted vinyl decals don’t lessen the stream of natural lighting through the windows during the daytime.

Frosted vinyl decals allow for 93% of natural light to stream through into the interior. Considering this area of the home is very dark, the frosted vinyl decals assist with maximising the natural light in the space. Furthermore, the owner of the property was concerned that while he gained natural light he may have to deal with glare from the afternoon sun. Frosted vinyl decals ward off irritating glare which means that the TV, computer or iPad can still be enjoyed without you having to move around trying to avoid direct sunlight on the screen.

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