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Vinyl designs have moved away from the traditional designs that we have seen for many years and now offer customised designs to suit every style pallet. Treating the windows in your home with vinyl art is an easy and cost-effective way to include your personal style throughout your home.

Window vinyl designs that have been customised to your style can underpin the look you are after.

Customised window vinyl can look really unique and stylish and bring the vignette you wish to create together. The frosted look can be used to create different interior design styles – instead of purchasing new curtains and blinds to match the look – you can emulate that design through frosted windows.

Frosted vinyl can also be used to demarcate different areas in the home.

For instance, the kids’ playroom can have a playful touch of style by using frosting that has been designed to either look like bubbles, trees, butterflies or fairies. In fact, Window Art has graphic designers who are able to custom-design vinyl to meet your style needs. In the playroom area where your children’s imaginations are sparked you can even look at choosing their favourite cartoon characters or educational images, such as numbers and the alphabet.

With the festive season coming up you could splash out on Halloween imagery, frosted fireworks displays for Guy Fawkes and even Christmas decorations. These are a great way of enthusing your kids about the upcoming festivities, and can then be easily removed and updated once the festive season is over.

Vinyl designs can be updated as regularly as you update your home’s interior style.

Window vinyl is easily installed and removed. It requires the assistance of a professional as it is not a DIY installation, however, it does not take long to install this treatment on your windows. This is ideal as should you wish to update your style you can update your windows too. Blinds and curtains are trickier to switch up and it is costly to have new ones custom made whereas, with window vinyl, you can have your new style in your home within an afternoon. Also, instead of spending hours and hours traipsing through rolls of curtain fabric or pondering over blind swatches you can work with a graphic designer and together, create the vinyl design of your choice.

Vinyl designs on your windows don’t only look great but they positively influence your home.

Using frosted vinyl as a treatment on your windows will allow for natural light to be the main source of lighting in your home. It will illuminate your home throughout the day as the sunshine will permeate each room. Sunshine is known for its feel-good properties and vinyl treatment invites it further inside. The frosted vinyl designs will also protect your family and furniture from the harsh UV rays that are a negative by-product of sunlight but still allow for 93% on the natural in.

To find out more about custom vinyl design or to have a look at our gallery click here. Window Art has the capabilities to address all your window treatment needs and design a vinyl that suits any interior style.

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