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What did people do before Google? On a daily basis we check in with a million questions. And all we need to do is pop onto our favourite search engine and instantly satisfy our curiosity. However, the internet can also be a treacherous place to find answers because not everything you read on the worldwide web is accurate or clear. For instance, perusing webpages about vinyl etching and window frosting, it might seem like they are the same thing. But don’t worry, we are here to set you straight, we did a quick comparison between vinyl art and window frosting to get you back on track.

The short and sweet answer

Etched glass is more commonly used on smaller items such as vases, mirrors, picture frames and  glass cabinets. It causes a few millimeters off the surface of your glass to be eaten away by an acid based substance. This makes it ill-suited for the tempered glass, usually found on corporate buildings. Window frosting is just another word for window film. It’s a self-adhesive film that gives off the appearance of frosted or etched glass – which makes it easy to mistake the two.

For vinyl etching on glass you will need…

A pattern or design stencil, contact paper, masking tape, a small brush, exacto knife, a board or mat to work on, etching cream and most importantly gloves to protect your hands from the acid. With all of these materials needed to etch a design, it makes perfect sense to use vinyl etching on a small project like a glass shooter. The minute you move onto a bigger scale, things can quickly get complicated. That’s why vinyl etching isn’t the best option for your windows.

Instructions for glass etching cream will vary depending on the brand so be sure to read the instructions carefully. When applying cream to the stencil keep in mind that a smooth and thick layer will provide the best results, if you don’t lay it on thick you may end up with an inconsistent pattern or worse, you may not even see the design. If you are new to this, practise etching on something that doesn’t mean a lot to you.

What you will need for window frosting…

Essentially all you will need is a phone and an internet connection because we take care of the installation process for you, all you have to do is:

  •  Browse our design gallery
  • Email or phone us to book an appointment with a design specialist
  • Decide on the most convenient time for you where we can take onsite, accurate measurements of your window (we will come by within 3 days)
  • Then using state-of-the-art software, we will send you a mockup of what your fabulous design will look like before it graces your window
  • If you’ve requested a custom design, a sample will be shown to you for your approval
  • The window film is then cut and prepared on our premises
  • Again, at a time most convenient to you we will come to your premises and install your window film for you to enjoy with a 10 year guarantee

Window decals can be placed on any glass surface such as mirrors, doors, windows, skylights, glass panels in kitchen cupboards, sliding doors and glass partitions. Window decals make a great companion in the office space because it can be used for corporate branding, privacy in boardrooms or executive offices and can be used as office dividers. Download our corporate guide to brainstorm a few ideas on your own, then give us a call when you’re ready.

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