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Double volume staircase windows present a common problem for homeowners and decorators. This is because while double volume staircase windows are impressive and give homes a grand look – as is evident in the image featured here – some level of privacy is almost always required.

Curtains are not a viable option for staircase windows for a number of reasons. The first is the cost; curtains of this length invariably work out to be very expensive. The second problem with using curtains for staircase windows is that they are very difficult to take down, clean and rehang. In addition, curtains tend to ruin the desired effect of double volume windows; diminishing the modern, chic look of an expanse of elegant architectural glass.

Glass frosting is a popular choice for double volume staircase windows because it provides privacy while still preserving the chic look of glass. In particular, vinyl frosting – as has been used here – is a safer option for staircase window dressings when compared to traditional glass sand blasting.

Because traditional glass sand blasting involves removing a layer from the surface of glass, it results in weaker glass. When it comes to large pieces of architectural glass – for example sliding doors, stacking doors, glass walls or double volume staircase windows – weakened glass is extremely dangerous.

Vinyl frosting, on the other hand, is safer than glass sand blasting because it doesn’t weaken glass. In fact, vinyl frosting strengthens windows by making them shatterproof.

As we can clearly see in this image, the visual effect of vinyl frosting is superb. The design chosen here affords a high level of privacy while still allowing 93% of natural light into this home. The circular disk design lends the exterior of this home a bold, modern look.

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