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Disney movies have taught us some wonderful and some not so wonderful things throughout the years, Mulan teaches girls that you can be just as strong as any boy, Frozen showed us that we should be comfortable in our own skin. And then there’s Elsa which shows us how to finally get over the whole ‘marry a stranger thing’, because as she says: ”You can’t marry a man you just met.”.

These movies are the apple of every little girl’s eye and it’s of no surprise to see many a girl’s room littered with Disney merchandise, from an Olaf teddy on the bed, Minnie night light, or pixie dust scattered across the dresser.

Let your little one feel like a princess languishing in the tallest tower. Let her gaze past romantic window decals, while she waits for her prince charming to rescue her. Disney princesses are all about being different and embracing who they are. Be the hero in your child’s life by making her room different. Curtains are so yesterday, no princess wants to be seen dead with them, ”Just because it’s what’s done, doesn’t mean it’s what should be done.” – Cinderella.

Here are a few Disney inspired vinyl decals designs

Off the top of my head, Tinkerbell comes to mind, I can see her beautiful smile and dainty wings gracing a child’s window. Or let her join Mickey’s clubhouse along with Goofy and Donald Duck. Let Dory ‘Just keep swimming’ across her window, or let Olaf window decals dance around with a host of  minions to join the party. You can almost hear them say ‘BANANA!’, can’t you? If these designs don’t strike your fancy, we can always go back to the animation drawing board.

No worries Mom, vinyl decals are your crime fighting sidekick

Vinyl decals  are indestructible, providing your family with reliable safety, because of the added film it makes your windows shatterproof, should the baddies try to break in, they won’t get very far. The window will crack, but not completely shatter.

We understand that times change

There will always be another popular Disney movie. Right now it’s Frozen, but next week it could be something else entirely. Our window film is completely changeable as new characters come and go. When your little one is all grown and no longer thinks Disney movies are the coolest, her window decals are easy to remove leaving no trace of them ever being there.

We hope you enjoyed this movie-cation, Window Art style, contact us today we\’d love to wave our magic vinyl decals wand over your lovely windows.

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