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Spring has officially arrived in South Africa. The birds are happily singing from every tree branch, the sizzle of braai meat can be heard on grids around the neighbourhood, and more and more people are venturing outdoors to soak in some much-needed sun. All the signs are there: it’s that time of year to start getting your outdoor space ready to take full advantage of the lengthy summer days and warm nights ahead.

Whether you’ll be entertaining your guests this season in a modest, urban courtyard, or from a larger patio and garden area, you’ll want to consider some of the top outside décor trends that’ve been forecast for 2016.

Top trends for the Summer of 2016

According to a recent South African Homeowner blog, sustainability and eco-friendliness is a hot trend in home décor this year. Think upcycled, repurposed and re-loved furniture and you’ve got the gist of it. This means you won’t need to take an ‘out with the old and in with the new’ approach to decorating your outdoor space this year. Take JanJax’s rope ottomans, for example. These super stylish seats are made from recycled tyres, covered in rope and set on three wooden legs. And they’re great!

If you’re not keen to invest in additional furniture for your outdoor space, a simple application of decorative chalk paint to wooden stools or an old coffee table could also do the trick. And this colour application can be something bold; something that makes a statement.

Otherwise, keep your base colour palette neutral (or low key) and enhance your outdoor space with colourful decorative accessories, such as bright and patterned pillows, candles, vases or tablecloths. If you feel the urge to put a couch outside for a comfier and relaxed edge, go for it. In keeping with the repurposed theme for this summer, it’ll be perfectly acceptable to use outdoor furniture for indoor purposes in 2016 – and vice versa.

Adding a touch of nature to smaller entertainment areas

Even if your outdoor space is modest, you can still optimise every free inch of it to make a great summer hangout spot. Brick or plastered walls can be softened by planting a pretty creeper or installing a vertical garden using upcycled materials. Have a look at this Country Living  gallery for some vertical garden ideas – you’ll see how easy they are to make.

‘Jungle Fever’ is another top decor theme for this summer, so the more potted ferns you can get your hand on for tastefully decorating your outdoor space, the better. Alternatively, create an outdoor feature wall using wallpaper similar to that of Graham & Brown’s Honolulu Palm Green Wallpaper.

Private nooks for more intimate events

For a small garden needing some additional privacy, or for creating an intimate nook in a larger outdoor space, vinyl frosted glass panels, set in a wooden fence around an outside area, work very well for deterring curious looks from one’s neighbors or passersby.

Adding a layer of vinyl frosted glass to glass sliding doors or windows can also do wonders for creating a natural flow between interior and exterior spaces, while still offering some privacy into the interior living space. An added benefit to vinyl decals is that they protect furniture from sun damage, by softening the sun’s harsh rays, while still allowing 93% of natural light in. Window vinyl can also be custom designed, which means that you can add an attractive frosted aesthetic to your doors and windows, one that ties in with any design elements you’ve decide to include in your outside space. Now there’s an idea!

For more home decor ideas, download our Home Renovation Guide.

Image Credit: http://sivanilla21.blogspot.co.za

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