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What makes a dream house? And no, we aren’t talking about Barbie’s house. Everyone has their own definition of a dream house, whether it’s a small, yet elegant, penthouse apartment or a cabin nestled in the pristine wilderness safe from civilisation. Creating your dream home is a transformation and that’s not something that will happen overnight.

Think about it this way, every room you change is like climbing a ladder and when you’ve climbed to the top, you would have created something you’re proud of. If we snapped our fingers and suddenly had our dream home, it won’t quite feel the same – now will it?

When picking out your white-picket fence

When looking to buy a home, find a house with room for improvement. If it’s a budget buy, but doesn’t have a garage, you can always add that later on. Figure out early on what you absolutely can’t live without, like laminated flooring. Bigger adjustments to your home such as revamping your kitchen can always happen later, there’s no time limit to creating your dream home. The key to accomplishing your dream home is to save up for it.

Tim Akinnusi, the head of sales and client value management at Nedbank home loans, says, “’Sometimes home owners often feel they need to decorate the entire house in one go, which may put pressure on your finances if you haven’t planned or saved adequately for all the elements. So take your time, and shop around, as experts would advise that way your budget will more than likely be manageable.” Financial strain can put a dampener on any dream house wish list, but remember we’re taking this one step at a time.

To decorate your home, buy small purchases whenever you come across an item that makes you feel alive. The interior design of your home is like the waves lapping against the shore. You still see the ocean, but it’s constantly shifting and evolving, the same can be said about your interior design. Each purchase and each new tweak, brings you that much closer to your ideal home – but who says it has to stop changing? That’s the beauty of interior design.

What the trends have to say

According to Elle Décor, formal dining rooms are making a comeback. And since everyone spends a considerable amount of time on Pinterest, pinning away and planning for their dream home, it’s definitely a good place to start looking. Tech Insider asked Pinterest to send them boards of what users considered their dream house, inside and out. According to their findings, the inside of a dream house consists of tall ceilings, gray walls and an open-floor plan. According to The Property Brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott, the open-plan living room is appealing to homeowners with a young family because it means moms can keep their eye on the little ones throughout the house.

Pinterest does a little digging of its own by observing what their 100 million active users are liking above the rest within all categories dubbed Pinterest 100. On the interior design side scandinavian design style is turning all heads. The style uses a mixture of textures and materials, but comes together to create a balance in the room, such as using mismatched chairs in the dining room.

It’s the fine touches that make a room pop

“We all want to have our homes look like that of high-end professionally decorated mansions,” says Freshome, but we might not all have the means to do so. It’s the small changes that really make a difference in your home that will help you make it look like you spent a fortune on your interior design. For more information visit our blog on tips to make your home look like it had a visit from an interior designer.

Using vinyl art to dress your windows is the fastest route to altering the character of any room. Our vinyl art adds an extra touch of class and sophistication to your home, have a look through our gallery to see what we mean and download our home renovations guide.

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