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People often make the mistake of thinking that modern interior design and contemporary interior design are the same thing. In reality, they aren’t. Modern interior design refers to an interior design style that originated in the period spanning the 1920s to the 1950s. As such, modern interior design is characterised by specific stylistic principles. Contemporary interior design, on the other hand, doesn’t refer to any particular style; it simply refers to whatever is popular or trendy at the moment. What’s considered contemporary now will differ from what’s considered contemporary twenty years from now. Modern interior design, however, will never change.

This distinction might be elementary as far as professional interior designers and decorators are concerned, but when laypeople talk about ‘modern interior design’, they usually mean contemporary interior design.

So, what does modern interior design look like?

One of the defining and best-known characteristics of modern interior design is its clean lines and uncluttered look. Think sleek, spacious interiors dominated by white or neutral shades. In contrast, traditional décor favours antique furniture, ornate design and embellished details.

Form is an important element of modern interior design.

Modern interior design makes use of both rigid geometrical shapes and smooth curves. Clean, flat surfaces and edges dominate the look; few ornaments are used as clutter detracts from the bold simplicity of clean lines. Perfect circles and ovals are also common.

Colour is used sparingly.

Modern interior design tends to incorporate a lot of white, black and neutral colours. However, splashes of bold primary colours are used to accent a white or neutral palette. For example, red scatter cushions and a single striking piece of abstract wall art could be used to give a predominantly white living room a touch of warmth and character.

Modern interior design incorporates the use of a range of materials.

While chrome and stainless steel are probably the most popular elements of modern interior design, other materials such as wood and plastic are also commonly used. The stainless steel look is valued for its clean, polished, almost clinical appearance and is used for anything from kitchen appliances, to stair railings, to furniture legs and arms, to lamps. Because too much white and stainless steel can result in a room feeling cold, materials such as wood are used to add warmth to modern interiors. Light-coloured or lacquered wood with a smooth finish is most popular.

Open floor plans provide a sense of spaciousness.

We have modern interior design largely to thank for the popularity of open floor plans. Modern interior design embraces spaciousness and large, light, airy rooms. If you consider space as something to be preserved rather than filled with clutter, modern interior design might be the right style for you.

Frosted window vinyl complements modern interior design beautifully.

If you are designing a new home or renovating your current one, you might be wondering how best to incorporate modern interior design elements into your plans. The neutral, off-white colour or vinyl frosting and its sleek, uncluttered appearance make it an excellent window covering choice for modern interiors. Opting for frosted window vinyl instead of bulky curtains or blinds will give you a simpler, more minimalist look. Frosted window vinyl also promotes the flow of natural light. This makes for a bright, well-lit interior; perfect for modern interior design styles that worship big, airy, white spaces.

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