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Modern homes often feature large windows and glass doors. Glass is an attractive architectural element that allows homeowners to enjoy natural light, fresh air and – if they’re lucky – a great view.

Glass has another benefit: it acts as a canvas for window art.

Window art can be a fun and creative way to enhance your glass surfaces. Apart from simply being a pleasure to look at, installing window art can also come with great benefits.

For instance, one of the drawbacks of large windows and glass doors is that they don’t afford much privacy. When it comes to bedrooms and bathrooms, privacy is essential, although privacy glass could be needed in any room – especially in homes where there is no wall shielding the house from passersby.

Window art in the form of sandblasting or window vinyl can act as an effective solution to a lack of privacy, as the opacity of frosted window vinyl blocks outsiders’ view of your home’s interior.

Another benefit of window art is that it makes glass doors visible, so there’s no danger of walking into them.

There are three main forms of window art: sandblasting, decorative window hangings and window vinyl decals.

Sandblasting has long been a popular choice for window art. As mentioned above, sandblasted window art designs can give windows and glass doors a level of privacy.

While sandblasting designs can be very striking, using this method does come with some notable drawbacks.

The textured, frosted effect of sandblasting is achieved by removing a layer – up to 2mm thick – off of a pane of glass. This is done by blasting an abrasive substance such as silica sand onto the glass surface at an extremely high pressure. Because sandblasting requires the use of chemicals, powerful machines and substances like silica sand, the process cannot be done on-site. Unfortunately, this means that having sandblasted window art installed on your windows requires having the glass removed and transported to a special factory to be treated. The hassle of having windows removed and then reinstalled isn’t just bothersome; being windowless also poses a serious safety threat.

Sandblasting isn’t suitable for all glass surfaces. Because the removal of the top layer of glass weakens it, sandblasting cannot be used for window art on sliding doors.

Suncatchers are a fun, creative way to decorate windows.

Suncatchers are window hangings that usually include pieces of colourful stained (or imitation) glass, reflective bits and anything else you fancy, from feathers to bells. Suncatchers dangle in the window and, as their name suggests, catch and reflect the sun to produce a kaleidoscopic, dazzling effect. Children are usually particularly mesmerized by suncatchers, making them popular decorations for children’s rooms.

Suncatchers are difficult to keep clean and can be noisy.

Because suncatchers contain many small, fiddly pieces, they collect dust and grime and are difficult to keep clean. Window hangings also tend to make a fair amount of noise when a breeze is blowing as they clang against the window. Many people find this continuous clanging highly irritating.

Suncatchers also need to be attached to something. If you don’t have a curtain railing, a suction cup applied directly to the window pane is usually used. This can look tacky and inelegant, especially as clear plastic suction cups often discolour over time.

Frosted window vinyl makes for gorgeous window art without any of the drawbacks.

Window vinyl is an ideal choice for window art as decals can be custom designed to suit your décor style and personal preference. Whether needed for purely decorative reasons or as a privacy measure, the creative potential of window vinyl is virtually limitless.

Frosted window vinyl achieves the same sandblasted look without weakening your glass. In fact, the application of window vinyl actually makes glass shatterproof. This is a great added benefit. Furthermore, window vinyl can be installed on-site with minimal inconvenience.

Unlike sandblasting, frosted window vinyl isn’t permanent, so should you decide to change your window art design at a later stage, the decals can be removed without any damage to your glass. Although window vinyl isn’t permanent, the best window vinyl suppliers do offer a 10-year guarantee on their window art products.

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