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The Cape Town Homemakers Expo is set to delight with the latest and greatest in inspired home décor. You can find everything your design and décor heart desires as this year’s expo is filled to the brim with the newest home designs, gorgeous furnishing ideas and DIY trends.

 Here are some of the feature areas that make this an expo not to be missed:

 Tuis/Home magazine is presenting a collection of workshops and demos that cover creative gardening and home, kitchen and DIY renovations.

 SA’s craft masters and entrepreneurs will be showing off their wares at an ARTISANaffair – an area created with our local talent in mind.

 The Kitchen Specialist Association (KSA) will have different types of kitchen designs and layouts on display. They look at the latest contemporary trends as well as traditional kitchen designs. This showcase will include cabinets, countertops and appliances.

 With spring time just around the corner it’s time to consider your patio and garden area. The Homemakers Alfresco Living feature area will be filled with all the ideas you need to set about giving your outdoor area a makeover. You can expect to be inspired by gorgeous outdoor furniture, fire pits, braai areas, water features and smart lighting.

 Once again d’VINE life will be there to welcome you with a glass of the best boutique wines from the Cape Winelands and offer up a smorgasbord of local gourmet delights.

 Window Art is once again taking part in this exciting not-to-be-missed event.

 We will be exhibiting our wares at the Cape Town Homemakers Expo and we are rather excited about taking part. We have new vinyl decal designs to showcase our new product, Glass Art, which uses vinyl decals in a new and exciting way to create bespoke art for your home or office.

 The Cape Town Homemakers Expo will be taking place on the last weekend of August. Come and join us from the 27th to 30th of August and explore the plethora of solutions available to inspire you to transform your house into your dream home.

Image Credit: Homemakers

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