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 Twitter is an excellent research tool. It categorises hashtags so users can easily find things. Like a well-organised library of the social media world. With Twitter you are able to keep up on energy saving trends in real time. Among other things, Twitter can also help engage the public in active discussions that will eventually affect them. This means the power isn’t only in the hands of the big boys, but is handed directly to the people. Social media has a way of liberating the masses, ensuring all our voices are heard.

The power of Twitter cannot be put into question.  Recent social movements in our own back yard (such as #ZumaMustFall) are testament to that. And these days many brands are leveraging the power of social media to cast them in a good light. Going green has a positive effect on your brand. Undertaking energy saving campaigns as a company earns you leads, user-generated content and a deeper engagement between you and your followers.

Although social media is ever-changing and the fact that what we’ll discuss today may not be relevant in a couple of weeks, what I aim to do is teach the tools of the trade on how to keep up with it all.

Social media doesn’t have a border

Twitter helps us understand what’s happening on the other end of the world. Join the #greenchat and find out what others are saying. A Twitter chat allows users to join the conversation at a pre scheduled time, then a particular topic is discussion based on the description of the hashtag. The host will post questions and you can answer and view what others have tweeted on the topic. Just following this chat I already know that homemade mayo makes a really good hair treatment, you can dye your hair with birch leaves and there is a gluten free lipstick out there.

Energy saving isn’t tied to one industry

Scanning through the endless stream of information, you will soon realise that energy saving initiatives aren’t exclusive to one industry. Whether it’s a green film festival, news on how hotels are going green or tips for restaurant owners to help them become a greener business. There is an abundance of information available and all of this information can be sourced from Twitter.

Social media offers an endless supply of information on how to live a green life

Perhaps the centre topic around going green is how to incorporate this lifestyle at home. if you follow the hashtag #GreenLiving you’ll know what I’m talking about. Another trend I found fascinating is #EcoArt. Architects have thus far made a huge impact in the movement to combat climate change, but artists feel it’s now their turn. To a large extent artists will dumpster dive and reuse unwanted material for their works of art and there is absolutely nothing stopping you from following suit and creating eco art for your home décor.

Solar energy is a heated debate in South Africa

Solar panels are on every South Africa’s bucket list. Expensive electricity is the culprit for putting solar energy on the agenda. It makes financial and business sense to switch over to alternatives. According to Property24, investing in a greener home makes it look more attractive to cost-conscious buyers when and if you eventually plan on selling.

Here at Window Art we are energy saving geeks, you can see the evidence with all our vinyl decals blogs focused on how to save the planet. Our vinyl decals are green all the way, with their UV protection, winter insulation and  energy saving proficiency. Going green is no longer a lifestyle choice, it’s a priority. We are window Art and we speak for the trees.

Image Credit: http://greenerideal.com/

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