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We had a blast once again at this year’s Decorex Cape Town exhibition with so much décor eye candy to get excited about. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears were put into making Decorex Cape Town 2016 better than ever before. Exhibitors gave it their all and we are proud to have been a part of it, you can share in this moment now too, so stick around and get the low down on the 2016 Decorex Cape Town highlights.

We were flattered to receive an award from Decorex Cape Town

We take pride in what we do and we want all South Africans to know about us and the benefits decorative frosted window film solutions can bring into your home. It is with a humble heart that we accepted the Best Exhibition Marketing award from Decorex this year for our efforts in promoting ourselves.

Trends we took note of while we were there

It seems everyone is embracing the outside in trend as beautiful and delicate terrariums were on display and Mr Price & Home’s stand was getting a lot of attention with their centrepiece of beautiful hanging planters, visitors couldn’t resist taking snapshots of the elegant display. Patio Warehouse also took to this trend featuring flower arrangements and plants in glass cases.

Other inspirational items included acrylic furniture, cleverly recycled products turned into works of art, decorative glassworks, African art and beautiful flower arrangements. Visitors were even treated to a little one-on-one with 3D headsets letting them in on how virtual reality will shape design in the future. Other futuristic technology included TV lifts – LCD screens that pop out of a bed’s base or are revealed behind a painting.

The featured stands elegantly tied in all the elements in the demo rooms effortlessly, from the wallpaper, artworks, rugs and couches, to beautiful crystal coffee tables that blended colours naturally in the room. According to Anne Roselt, the colour manager at Plascon, this colour blending trend is featuring on homemakers’ walls as well, where people have become obsessed with the ombré look, but this isn’t just lines painted on a wall we’re talking about here. You need to make your different colours blend into one another so that no one will be able to tell where one colour ends and the next one begins.

Who doesn’t like reading up on a little history?

Featured at the Africa-inspired Trend Pod by Dorothy Van’T Riet Design was a dining room table with a little history. The Kiperousa table, made from Zebrano timber was sourced from the Kiperousa vessel that sank in 2005. The wood was then salvaged 10 years later. That’ll be an interesting conversation starter at the dinner table.

Another Decorex exhibition has come and gone, but there’s no need to get teary-eyed about it, because there is still the Johannesburg Decorex waiting in anticipation to delight you. The exhibition may be over, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to end. Consider adding a little something new to your home in an area you might not have thought of – your windows! Have a look through our home renovations guide to give yourself a better understanding of what your windows could look like with our frosted window film dressing them up nice and pretty.

Image Credit: http://www.shutterway.co.za

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