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The new craze called a ‘she shed’ is the perfect escape for women. Much like its man cave counterpart, this space has been made especially for women. A she shed allows one to slip away from the house and enter the tranquility of a shed dedicated to peace and quiet or any other use you have in mind such as a yoga or a reading room, art studio or home office. Unlike a man cave that is hidden within the house, a she shed is situated typically in the garden so that it can be completely detached from the house. There’s no need to procrastinate about having a she shed of your own, because women everywhere are making them and we’ll show you how using these easy steps.

Search high-and-low for the perfect shed

Shop around for sheds with potential. Wood Pioneers for example have beautiful custom-built wendy houses that are perfect if you are going for the rustic, cottage feeling. Other sheds may need a little more work to go from looking like a garden or tool shed to a she shed. If you already have a shed in the backyard, it’s time to donate any unwanted lawn equipment. Don’t stop there! Give your shed a new coat of paint, define the purpose of your she shed and then the best part – decorate it!

How to create an artist’s sanctuary

For the artistic shed, you need the perfect balance of materials and space. You will need a lot of things to be stored in the shed, but try not to bring your entire studio inside, remember you’ll have limited space in there. Perhaps you could install floating shelves to store your painting equipment. The goal is to try and keep the floor free of clutter so you can easily move about. Find a table tray for your paintbrushes and an easel to hold up your canvas. Add finishing touches to the room with a comfy chair, pot plant and beautiful red Persian rug – space permitting of course.

The tea-party shed

For the tea enthusiast, plant a little garden around the shed. Add details around the front door and windows such as wind chimes, or a wreath on the door. Within the interior, try to fit a table inside, drape a tablecloth over it and you are all set to bring in your tea set (perhaps not your best one), you wouldn’t want a cup or saucer to accidently break.

The reading nook

Seating is essential in the reading shed so make sure you plan the whole interior around it. Next a bookshelf will come in handy because you don’t want to have go back and forth between your house and shed when you need your book. What’s even more exciting is that you can experiment with decorations you were too scared to try in your home, such as placing pages out of book on the ceiling or walls of your shed. For more book décor inspiration, look through this article.

If you need to protect your she shed from the sun

If the sun is a bit too much for you in your she shed, we have the perfect solution – window decals! You may be thinking, ‘but I need the light to read or paint’… and you’d be right, but you need the right type of sunlight. Our window decals will block out the sun’s UV rays and soften the light streaming through your she shed. You’ll get to enjoy natural sunlight and still be able to see what you’re doing. For more information and if you’re considering windows decals for your she shed or anywhere in your home, download our home renovations guide now.

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