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Have you heard about the ‘oh so popular’ open-plan office space, inspiring creativity and collaboration? It’s a popular format that encourages interaction between employees and allows for more informal meetings. I’ve written about open plan office design before, here and here.

That said, office dividers have not completely left the building.

The more offices I visit, the more I see that while open-plan office space is popular, companies still require the small amount of privacy that is gained from a cordoned off area separated from the rest of the office. The din, which is heard throughout most open-plan offices, can be distracting, making it difficult for many to focus on the task at hand. Computer screens are easily seen by all passersby and telephone conversations are easily overheard.

These are just some of the complaints that many have about open-plan office spaces. Office dividers are an excellent way to create spaces for privacy and maximise the use of the floor space. Even better, glass office dividers create the look and feel of an open-plan office while still allowing for the necessary degree of privacy.

Using glass office dividers in the office will allow you to strike an excellent balance between having an open-plan office with pockets of privacy.

Here are the top reasons why office dividers are still being used in 21st century workspaces:

  • You can create a space where your employees can concentrate on some ‘heads-down’ work.
  • You can give your staff a designated workstation at which they can store their work items (files etc.).
  • You can use office dividers that are mobile and can be used to create impromptu meeting areas that cordon off a brainstorming session without disturbing the rest of the office.
  • By making use of glass office dividers you can design frosted vinyl decals in the company logo or with a bespoke design, creating a more aesthetically pleasing environment.
  • Because glass office dividers can be treated with frosted vinyl decals, you can allow for corporate branding across the office space, and not only on the outward facing windows.
  • Glass office dividers allow for visibility throughout the office and maximise the natural light in the setting, increasing your employees’ sense of well-being.
  • Glass is no doubt a trendy material to use in the office. It has a modern look and feel, indicating to your clients that you are forward-thinking, savvy and keeping up with the times.

If you feel that your office is in need of an update, appreciate the sentiment behind a collaborative office space but want customised privacy, then glass office dividers treated with specifically designed frosted vinyl decals are the answer.

Window Art specialises in creating unique frosted vinyl decals that will inspire, motivate and thoroughly brand your office space.

Frosted vinyl decals allow for 93% of natural light to penetrate the room and have an anti-glare quality that is ideal for the office environment where sunlight often hinders productivity by causing irritating glare.

To find out more about using frosted vinyl in your work environment, please consider our free downloadable Office Design and Corporate Branding Guide.

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