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Nowadays, architectural glass is more popular than ever before; modern home and office designs frequently feature large windows and glass walls and doors. Owing to the ever-growing amount of glass used in modern design, the demand for affordable, safe glass treatments continues to grow.

The classic, elegant look of sandblasting is popular and versatile. However, modern alternatives to sandblasting are on the rise. There are a number of very good reasons for this:

Modern alternatives to sandblasting – like window film – are more cost-effective.

As far as window treatments go, sandblasting is a relatively expensive one. Because modern architectural designs include so much glass, using affordable window treatments has become a particularly important consideration when planning a building or renovation project.

Taking this into account, modern alternatives to sandblasting have been developed with cost-effectiveness in mind. Frosted window film – which gives you the same classic frosted look – is a much more cost-effective alternative to sandblasting. Use our pricing calculator for a quick cost estimate on installing window vinyl on your glass surfaces.

Alternatives to sandblasting offer important safety benefits.

People are more safety conscious today than ever before. Naturally, this focus on safety has extended to the spheres of home and office architecture and design.

One of the most obvious downfalls of glass is that it’s easy to break. Whether it’s due to vandalism, a burglary or some kind of accident, broken glass is a pain to clean up – not to mention extremely dangerous. Because the sandblasting process takes up to 2mm off the surface of glass, it weakens your glass. Of course, thin, weak glass is more likely to break and completely shatter in the event of an accident.

One of the most safety-conscious alternatives to sandblasting – frosted window film – actually strengthens your glass and makes it shatterproof. Shatterproofing your glass through the application of frosted window film discourages smash-and-grab burglaries by reinforcing your windows and glass surfaces. Because frosted vinyl obscures outsiders’ view, it also prevents would-be thieves from ‘window shopping’ and eyeing out your goods.

In the event that your glass does actually break, window film helps to keep the fragments of glass together. This makes it much easier to clean up and makes it less likely that someone will end up injuring themselves on a wayward shard of glass.

Alternatives to sandblasting can be installed on-site.

The sandblasting process requires the use of dangerous chemicals and machinery. For this reason, sandblasting cannot be done on-site; glass has to be removed and taken to an off-site factory for treatment.

Off-site window treatments are hugely inconvenient and pose a serious safety risk. In response to this, the demand for alternatives to sandblasting that can be installed on-site has risen.

Frosted window vinyl can be installed on-site, eliminating the inconveniences and risks associated with having your windows removed for off-site treatment. The frosted window vinyl installation process is quick, easy and mess-free. The only preparation necessary is ensuring that your glass surfaces are clean and dry before the window vinyl is applied. An expert installation team will then simply apply the window vinyl to your glass. Absolutely no dangerous chemicals or machinery are used in the process.

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