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Of all the rooms in the house, you require the most privacy when you’re in the bathroom. Of course, you probably still want your bathroom to have windows that let in natural light. How do you protect your privacy while still enjoying the benefits of windows in your bathroom?

Installing bathroom window film on windows and glass doors allows you to keep you bathroom private while still keeping the interior pleasantly bright. Here’s why bathroom window film is the best way to keep your bathroom private:

Bathroom window film can be easily installed on-site.

Unlike sandblasting, bathroom window film can be installed on-site. Because there’s no need to have your window panes removed and taken off to a factory for treatment, you don’t have to worry about any security risks or inconveniences when having privacy window film installed.

Bathroom window film preserves natural light.

Not wanting the neighbours to see into your bathroom doesn’t mean you want to keep the sun out too. Having a light-filled bathroom is not only pleasant, it’s also more hygienic. Dirt and grime are easier to spot in good light, helping you keep your bathroom clean. Furthermore, warm sunshine helps dry out damp floors, mats and towels.

Frosted window vinyl lets in 93% of natural light, unlike blinds and curtains, which only let in 75-80%.

Bathroom window film remains opaque, even when wet.

Sandblasting is an option that is sometimes used to create privacy glass. However, some sandblasted glass loses its opacity when wet. Because bathrooms are the wettest rooms in the house, this can be a problem.

Bathroom window film, however, doesn’t become transparent when wet. For this reason, frosted vinyl is a foolproof option for shower doors as well as bathroom windows and glass doors.

Bathroom window film isn’t permanent.

Good quality bathroom window film is long-lasting and durable. In fact, reputable suppliers offer a 10-year warranty on frosted window film. However, despite window vinyl’s longevity, it can be removed should you decide to change your design or renovate your home.

You may not think so at first, but your bathroom’s privacy needs can change over time. For instance, your next-door neighbours may decide to cut down a tree that happened to be obscuring their view of your bathroom. If your existing frosted vinyl design only offers a low level of privacy – which sufficed in the past but no longer does – you can easily install additional bathroom window film or have your existing window film removed and an entirely new design installed.

Bathroom window film makes glass shatterproof.

Installing frosted window film is not only a brilliant way to give your bathroom more privacy, it also has the added bonus of making windows and glass doors shatterproof. Bathroom window film makes glass less prone to breakage by adding a protective and durable layer to its surface. This is a great safety feature that other window coverings don’t offer.

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