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Blinds and curtains are still very much a staple feature in many a home. However, they are all too often outdated and in need of replacing. New homes are looking for cleaner, greener and hassle-free solutions. Interior design is moving with the times and we believe that blinds and curtains are curbing homeowners’ enthusiasm to do the same.

Blinds and curtains create cleaning hassles.

The thing with blinds and curtains is that while they have been around for ages, they have proven to be notoriously difficult to clean. They also collect inordinate amounts of dust and they have finicky bits that can easily break and create hazards in the home. While you can have your curtains and fabric blinds dry-cleaned, blinds made from other materials such as wood, plastic and aluminium need to be carefully cleaned. This can be a laborious task and it could result in water damage, which makes for unsightly and grubby looking blinds.

Sun damage is high on the list of concerns when installing blinds or curtains.

Blinds and curtains, while protecting the rest of your furniture from the sunshine – if kept predominantly closed – will suffer sun damage. The sun’s glare and heat will inevitably begin to take its toll on your blinds and curtains. The fabric will fade from the sunlight and even plastic, wooden or aluminium blinds may become brittle from the heat.

Blinds and curtains need to be tailor-made to size, which shortens their life span.

Blinds and curtains are most often custom made to fit windows and doors with precise measurements. Having either option custom made is an expensive exercise and can be quite a concern when deciding to move house. Many people have linen closets that include disregarded curtains from their old home due to them not fitting to any of the windows or glass door areas in their current home. `

Blinds and curtains block out the natural light.

Blinds and curtains block out most of the natural light in your home. They certainly do an excellent job at retaining privacy, but the lack of sufficient natural light means you are forced to use more artificial lighting. In today’s modern times, saving on electricity is a must. Not only for the concern of your wallet, but also for the concern of the environment. The more natural light you allow into your home, the better.

Homeowners are after a solution that supercedes the functionality of blinds and curtains, with added benefits.

Enter: frosted window vinyl decals. In our business, we have seen many a client move away from using blinds and curtains as window treatments. It is usually when their blinds and curtains are due for an update in style or need to be replaced because of wear and tear or the homeowners are on the move that they begin to search for alternative solutions.

Frosted vinyl decals – used in place of blinds and curtains – meet all the needs of the homeowner. They offer maximum privacy, allow for up to 93% of natural light to illuminate the interior of the home, reduce glare and offer protection against harmful UV rays from the sun. Not to mention that they do no damage to the glass in question and are easily removed if the owner would like to change the design element.

If you would like to read more about our tips and tricks for home renovations, please download our free guide ‘Home renovations tips and ideas handbook’ here.

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