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There is nothing more embarrassing than being mistaken for someone else. It means that you didn’t leave a lasting impression the first time you met. Small businesses often find themselves in a similar situation, by unintentionally being mistaken for a competitor, or worse, a brand that has nothing to do with your industry. In this blog we’ll discuss what your entrance says about your business and how to change the first thing people see, like window signage and how this seemingly small change can help your business shine brighter than your competitors.

Your door is the first greeting a guest receives

According to Design Like, “as a business, it’s important to maintain a fresh, light and friendly entrance area which is pleasant to be in and offers an enticing insight into what you do and who you are.” You may not think it, but having window signage on your front glass door or on a room divider within the reception area does all of that. Window signage says so much about the company. For instance, it tells guests that you care about your image, the same way someone would wear a suit to work, it tells your guests who you are and most importantly, it makes them look. Try to walk past window signage and not look at it – I dare you.

You want your guests to feel welcomed, taken care of and want to come back, no matter the length of their visit. To ensure your guests leave your business impressed, they have to feel welcomed, comfortable and not isolated. Were they treated with a memorable entryway to please their eyes while they waited? If you gave them something to look at on your windows or glass doors – that’s instant advertising without a hefty price tag attached to it .

Branding your door helps people find their way

Your front door is the first thing your visitors will see, and they will feel at ease because the image you are portraying will reassure them that your business will conduct itself in a professional manner. Imagine this scenario, you are one of many businesses in a corporate office park and you have a potential employee coming in today for an interview. He/she will be nervous as they try to find your business amongst the rest in the office park. Imagine their relief when they spot your front door with your company name handsomely displayed, this will instantly put their mind at ease, knowing that they are at the right place.

Location, location, location

If your small business happens to be located right off the street, then window signage will act as a billboard, letting passersby know who is in there. According to Small Businesses do it Better, “A plain window doesn’t say much to a person passing by.” Even people walking past will at least be intrigued. A decorative and branded window “turns heads and builds invaluable brand recognition.”

Glass has become a popular structural building material in new and modern office spaces, giving the workspace an open plan look and feel. Adding a touch of vinyl art will fulfill your branding ambitions by having a handy always-on-the-clock advertising display.

For more information, download our vinyl art corporate guide and take a look through our captivating designs.

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