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It takes a lot of work to set up a business. From writing a business plan, to financing it, registering it and employing staff, starting a business is not for the faint-hearted.

Once your business is established, one of your core focus points should be the marketing of your value proposition. However, you cannot do that until your company has a solid corporate brand.

Consider this interesting statistic: ‘90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60 000 times faster in the brain than text.’ (Sources: 3M Corporation and Zabisco)

Corporate branding is a visual impetus to building relationships with your consumers.

Corporate branding gives your company an identity, making you recognisable to consumers and competitors alike. It most often includes your company’s trade name together with your chosen colours, logo and slogan. It is a visual representation of your company and is the most powerful tool in your marketing kit.

Think of the likes of Nike. They have a simple logo and a catchy slogan – ‘Just do it’ – and they are internationally renowned. They are recognisable to everyone, everywhere. Or consider Audi with their four simple circles and their slogan ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ (roughly translated to ‘advancement through technology’).  Many of us can repeat the slogan, even though it is not in our mother tongue, and identify the company. These two companies are excellent examples of corporate branding executed correctly and made to last.

Corporate branding, together with professional services and products, will win you new customers.

If you company is offering quality products and excellent services, having solid corporate branding will help to drive this message to the consumer market. There may be consumers that have not yet made use of your companys offerings but have seen your company and recognise it through your corporate branding. If they are to hear of your quality products and service excellence through word of mouth, then they are likely to give your company a go. This is predominantly due to the fact that recognition assists with building trust.

Corporate branding can do your companys image the world of good.

There is a saying that goes something like this: ‘Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.’ Excellent corporate branding is like dressing up your company for the future you want it to have. No matter the size of your company, you certainly want to look professional, polished and successful. Corporate branding can aid in achieving these qualities and communicating them to the marketplace.

Corporate branding quite often begins within the company itself.

As corporate branding is in the most part a visual exercise, many companies begin their branding ‘at home’. We have found that new corporate clients wanting to incorporate their logo into their office design by branding their office space often call us. This may be because they get a lot of clients through their doors or because they want to instil a proud and productive culture amongst their new employees.

Frosted windows fit nicely into the office environment and are an excellent way to include corporate branding into the workspace. They promote natural lighting where possible and require less cleaning and maintenance than blinds or curtains. Glass office partitions are often also frosted so as to create a certain amount of privacy without complete isolation. The frosted window vinyl decals that we offer are an excellent option for both windows and glass partitions. They are easily installed, they do not retain grubby grease or oil marks, maintain privacy, protect against UV rays and uncomfortable glare and insulate the office.

If you are a new business owner and looking to include your corporate branding in your office space, please feel free to contact us directly to discuss your needs.

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