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Office blinds are a staple in many business environments, but in most cases these window treatments look outdated, tatty and in need of replacement. The window treatments you choose to adorn the glass in your office have a big impact on your interior décor. If your windows and glass doors are paired with shabby, discoloured or even broken office blinds then your entire work space will look less than smart. With window treatments such vinyl frosting available in the window treatment market, there’s no need for any business to make use of office blinds ever again.

Let’s weigh up the pros and cons of office blinds versus vinyl frosting. Here’s why office blinds are no longer the optimum choice of window treatment:

Office blinds are difficult to clean.

Office blinds tend to collect a lot of dust and trying to dust them down can be quite difficult. They have finicky plastic bits that break easily and don’t have a long lifespan. When material office blinds get grimy and need a clean they have to be sent to the dry-cleaners and other types of blinds such as wood or aluminium ones need to be carefully cleaned which can be a time-consuming and laborious task. What’s more, you don’t want water damage so the person cleaning the blinds must bear that in mind when taking on this task.

In comparison, vinyl frosting is in no way difficult to clean and is not at risk of being damaged in anyway. A quick wipe with a wet cloth and some window cleaner will have your vinyl frosting looking as good as new immediately.

Office blinds will inevitably suffer sun damage.

The sun is harsher now than ever before and it can destroy blinds, curtains and even furniture because it makes the material so brittle and faded. If your office blinds are in place to not only give you privacy but also to protect you from the sun, then you should expect to have to replace after one season of summer. The sun’s harsh UV rays are as bad for your furnishings as it is for people and even if your blinds are wooden or aluminium they too will become brittle from the heat.

Vinyl frosting can take a beating from the sun. In fact, it filters out UV rays and wards off irritating glare from the sun too.

Office blinds block out a lot of the natural light.

Office blinds tend to block out the natural light from your interior. While they offer you privacy, the natural lighting is vital in your office environment as it thwarts the need for artificial lighting and underpins the wellbeing of your staff.  Maximising the natural lighting in your office space is ideal as most businesses are called to consider making use of greener operational methods and saving on energy usage. By allowing for the natural light to illuminate your interior you don’t have to switch on the lights.

Vinyl frosting allows for 93% if natural light to filter through to your interior. Furthermore, it has insulating properties which means it keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. By using vinyl frosting as a window treatment you are able to lessen your need of artificial lighting and temperature control appliances. Vinyl frosting helps you to protect your staff, your furnishings and your electricity bill.

To find out more about using vinyl frosting as awindow treatment in place of the ever-popular but sub-standard office blinds, please contact Window Art directly. Alternatively, you can have a browse through our catalogue which will give you an excellent idea of our design capabilities and of installations we have completed for office spaces.

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