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 You’ve gotta give credit where credit is due and as far as interior architects go, it takes a lot of hard work to pull off any project. And not just anyone can do it, it takes a special eye for this job. Interior design isn’t just about rushing into a home, ruffling the throw pillows, moving about the furniture and placing flowers on the dinner table, there’s a lot of thought that goes into the process.

Interior design isn’t just fun with fabrics, colour and design

Interior architects face challenges everyday on different homes, if you have vinyl decals in your house, you’ll be making their jobs that much easier. They have to consider creativity as well as functionality taking into account the strength and durability of your building, lighting and furnishings. Here’s why vinyl decals get their creative juices going.

They add pizazz to any entrance

Imagine walking into a friend’s home and the first thing you notice is the elaborate sectioned vinyl decals on the top half of their glass door. It adds an air of sophistication. As you stand on the front porch, ring the doorbell and wait, you’re left gazing at the vinyl decals and all you can think is ‘what’s going on inside?’ the mystery of it all is very exciting, vinyl decals have a way of doing that . . .

What does it take to make a room great?

An interior architect has to consider a million and one things: such as furniture placement, colour, functional décor, tone and aesthetics. With window film there is no need to overthink the decorating aspects so much that your head might explode.

Our team are industry leaders when it comes to decorating your windows and take pride in custom installing your vinyl decals, to suit your house and personal taste. Whether you have a huge window that needs filling, a window that splits into sections, or glass windows on your front door. No matter how unique your windows, adding window film to them is like adding that cherry on top of the cake.

Window film – you are my sunshine

Vinyl decals lets in an abundance of natural light, which means no more rearranging furniture as far away from the sun as possible. See that? You’re practically doing an interior architects’ job for them. Contrary to popular belief adding window film does not block out the sun completely. It lets in natural light so you don’t have to worry about adapting to a vampire’s lifestyle.”In my view, no space without natural light is worthy of human occupation,” says interior designer John Saladino.

Let your interior architect focus on the interior

With all the benefits of adding film to your windows in mind, interior architects don’t need to worry themselves over an outside-in approach to decorating a home. Meaning they can pay attention to the (in)terior the way it should be. Improving the spatial arrangement, layout, design and decorating techniques of your home. Window film strengthens your windows, I doubt that even James Bond with his impressive set of skills will be able to get it. Making it perfect for privacy, security and weatherproofing, improving your home’s structural integrity.

Join the sophisticated side of life. Become an interior architectural mastermind and download our home renovations guide to get you started.

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