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The rise of green consumerism is happening strong and fast. An increasing number of consumers are now considering green factors in every purchase decision they make. Consumers are thinking about their homes in this way too, and many of them choose green design over and above any other type of interior design. This is the predominant reason why the very best interior decorators promote green design.

Green design in your home follows the same idea as normal interior design in that it emphasizes creating a beautiful aesthetic paired with functionality.

However, green design distinguishes itself through having a lower negative impact on human and environmental health. Essentially green design is really good interior design. Green design in the home creates a healthy home and in today’s world which is filled with easy, unhealthy shortcuts the option of creating a healthy home is very attractive to most.

A healthy home makes a happy family.

Green design optimises the use of natural light to illuminate the interior. Sunlight not only provides a healthy dose of Vitamin D but studies have repeatedly shown that natural daylight positively affects people’s moods. The wellbeing of your family is supported by the use of more natural light and less artificial lighting while also decreasing your utilities bill. To include more natural lighting in your home you can install frosted vinyl on your windows and glass doors in place of using regular window treatments such as curtains and blinds.

Green design also includes insulating your home through the building products and installations that are used.

For instance, stone, ceramic or concrete flooring has insulating properties that trap the sun’s heat during the day and release it in the evening. This keeps you cozy in the winter months. Similarly, using frosted vinyl decals as your window treatments will also insulate your home and keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. These clever green design tricks will reduce your electricity bill on a monthly basis as you will use less temperature control appliances (heaters, air conditioners etc.).

Green design will always save you money in the long-run.

Interior decorators who are able to help you to create a green home can boast being able to save you money too. By installing various fittings and using specific materials in your home you can save on electricity, conserve water and not have to replace your fixtures and furnishings for a long while. All of these benefits of green design will prove a financial saving and protect your back pocket. The saving of water and electricity reduces your monthly bills and by using fixtures and fittings that are made from repurposed materials or from sustainable materials you won’t have to replace them all too often.

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