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Why you should consider sandblasting alternatives

There is no doubt about the fact that sandblasting your windows will add a touch of class to your home. Your initial intention is to create a new effect that draws the eye instantly, however, if you choose sandblasted glass, you will unfortunately be stuck with it forever. If you decide in a few years’ time that you no longer want your sandblasted windows, then it just might cost you a small fortune to replace them. Before making a rash decision there are other sandblasting alternatives to consider so you don’t need to feel pushed into a corner.

Is it privacy you’re looking for?

Sandblasted glass will give you a little privacy, but not extra security, in fact it could be a security hazard. Sandblasting is done by etching away a design into your windows. This can only be done with the use of chemicals and machines that break away and bombard the glass with sand and other materials to create the desired artwork effect – this weakens the glass. Large windows are already weak and stand out like a bullseye for criminals so sandblasting this type of glass could put your family in danger. Sandblasting is reserved for thick panes of glass that can withstand the process and should not be attempted on weak panes of glass like kitchen cabinets and glass sliding doors.

A few safety concerns

Even when carried out by a professional, sandblasting glass is dangerous, if you do go through with the process, you may to have to guarantee your home’s safety, because the sand particles could spread, your family members could breathe it in, or the particles could settle on nearby plants. If you sandblast in your kitchen, there is a chance your herbs may no longer be edible.

If you decide to do your installation off-site, this might leave you vulnerable to the elements and intruders – even after the installation process. Sandblasted glass is weak, all it takes is one knock and criminals know this. They intentionally go for windows when trying to break in.

What sandblasting alternatives are available

Now that you realise vinyl etching isn’t the way to go about finely dressing your windows, it’s time to consider vinyl etching alternatives. Window film is not a permanent fixture and strengthens glass, giving you and your family more protection against glass breakage.

Window film is a self-adhesive vinyl, which gives windows the appearance of frosted or etched glass, making it opaque. Window vinyl sticks to any flat, smooth, non-porous surface, which includes mirrors, doors, windows, skylights, glass panels in kitchen cupboards, sliding doors, Perspex and partitions and is easy to clean with any window cleaner and water – just like any glass window. Get the same frosted effect at a fraction of the cost. Download our sandblasting vs window frosting guide to learn more or try out our pricing calculator.

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