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A few of South Africa’s biggest giants and some of its smaller companies – yet still giants in their own right – all have one thing in common, they use window decals in their office space and we couldn’t be prouder. I went on a scouting mission in Gauteng to find these companies and here’s what I discovered.

Vodacom is a big window-film fan

Besides the fact that they use window decals on their classy building in Midrand, what caught our eye is their innovative window film representation of cables for their data centre. Vodacom clearly knows a good thing when they see it.

Land Rover catches motorists attention off the highway

The Land Rover building you see on the highway off John Vorster Drive, uses simple window decals at the top of the window and yet it’s bold enough to draw the attention of the cars driving past. True to its style this window film is saying to the world “Here I am, I deserve to be seen”.

FNB’s loopy film catches bankers attention the second they step inside

The FNB branch in Brooklyn has beautiful window decals with straight lines that  loop up and then back down again, as if signalling a communication or bank transaction process. This film caught our eye because it’s on the branch manager’s window and it’s the first thing you notice when you enter the bank.

Clicks had a habit of putting everything on display

I always wondered why Clicks kept their tills right by their glass window. One day I was waiting for a friend to buy something and meet me outside. I could see the whole transaction taking place and if I concentrated really hard, I would probably even see my friend’s pin as she punched it in. They become aware of this problem, but their initial solution was to block the view with toilet paper – not very attractive. I am happy to report that they have since used window film instead. Way to go guys.

How many times have you heard someone say, ‘How come I’ve never heard of you before?’ when talking about your business. The companies mentioned above understand the need to stand out among competitors. Your business’ windows are like the profile page of a social media site. It’s the first thing that potential clientele will see. Your windows are a blank canvas, fill them up to stand out. Browse through our window decals collection and see what an impact window decals can make in your corporate world.


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