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In 1870 the first sandblasting machine was built and since then decorative sandblasting has been used on glassed areas throughout many homes, offices and public buildings. Decorative sandblasting has remained a popular glass treatment, but it has its drawbacks that make it a tricky treatment to make use of.

The drawbacks of decorative sandblasting are as follows:

•Sandblasting needs to be done off site because it’s a messy business. The glass panes need to be removed from your premises and treated by the installers in their factory. This poses a security risk. If you ask for the sandblasting to be done on your premises you have to be conscious of not breathing in the fine particles that fly off the glass and you’ll have to deal with the mess.

• Sandblasting will also weaken the glass as the process removes up to 2mm off the surface of the glass. This also means that only certain glass can be treated in this way. For instance, you cannot sandblast sliding doors as they will easily shatter from being weakened. This is also a safety risk as weakened glass is easy for an imposter to break and shattered glass is very dangerous.

• Sandblasting is an expensive glass treatment. The technique itself requires craftsmanship, technical tools and time – all of which result in a costlier choice of window treatment.

Vinyl art has replaced decorative sandblasting as a window frosting treatment and with good reason. Here’s why vinyl art is the better window treatment and will result in the same look and effect:

• Vinyl art can be created in any design that suits your specific style and is easily applied on site. The installation is fairly quick and you don’t need to send the glass panes away, nor will you have to worry yourself about any type of security risk or health hazard.

Vinyl art won’t weaken the glass in anyway. In fact, it strengthens the glass as it adds a layer of vinyl onto the glass pane which secures it further. What’s more, should your glass shatter it will remain on the vinyl art decals which protects you from those fine glass shards that you often don’t see or that the vacuum cleaner has missed. Because of this, vinyl art can be used across all types of glass no matter their size or function.

• Vinyl art is the most cost effective window treatment on the market. It isn’t labour intensive, doesn’t take a lot of time to install and it doesn’t permanently alter your glass. You can easily change your style if you decide to update your décor as vinyl art is easily and quickly removed. However, if you wanted to keep the same vinyl art frosting for years to come, high quality vinyl art comes with a 10 year warrantee.

Using vinyl art on the glass in your home or office environment is beneficial. If you would like to know more about how vinyl art protects your premises and makes for a comfortable environment you can read more about it here. Alternatively, contact Window Art directly with your queries and one of our consultants will assist you in attending to all your needs.

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