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Has the world gone mad? Well it seems that way, ever since Donald Trump stepped behind a podium. The Guardian calls him, “Dangerous, foolish, irrational, scary, terrifying, irresponsible, a clown, a disaster.” His immortal and outlandish policies and ideas that spark hate and discrimination are scary enough, what’s even worse is that no one seems to be putting him in his place.The fact of the matter is, Donald trump is vulgar and we believe that vinyl etching is vulgar as a window treatment and we will definitely put it in its place.

Vinyl etching is lethal

The process of vinyl etching is an extremely dangerous technique, even for professionals and should be done in a dedicated fume cabinet or studio. When you purchase the product, there are a number of questions that go along with the purchase. How will you use this product? And how will you dispose of it? You can’t simply throw it away since it will react with anything that it comes into contact with including glass, concrete, metals, water, and other acids.

Since we are in the age of DIY, it’s tempting to want to do vinyl etching yourself. Even taking on a small project like etching a shooter glass, necessitates a number of precautionary measures before doing it, such as a pair of thick gloves and eye wear.

Etching makes use of Hydrofluoric acid to etch away glass, there is simply no other way of doing it. Hydrofluoric acid is a highly corrosive material that attacks tissue when it comes into contact with your skin, which could result in deep tissue burns. Even weak solutions could do some serious damage.

Please do not try this at home

Vinyl etching is not made to be put on large pieces of glass, so if you were thinking of etching your shower door, window or glass sliding door – don’t. In order for the etching to be deep enough to get the maximum privacy you are probably looking for, you would have to put more than one layer on the glass. Not only will doing it multiple times increase your chances of being exposed to the hydrochloric acid, but you will end up leaving a visible trail for every layer of etching you did. The only way to achieve the etching effect professionally, safely and with desired privacy result you want, is by using window film.

Vinyl etching is permanent

Vinyl etching is a permanent process, therefore you need to be absolutely certain that you love your chosen design and that it has been placed in the right location, down to the smallest millimetre – talk about pressure! Once you’ve etched the glass, no changes can be made. Just like a tattoo, you can add onto your design, but not remove it. If you’ve made a serious mistake or soon realise that you hate the design you chose, there are no second chances.

Save yourself the trouble. You can achieve the same look, without the added dangers. Our window film is custom designed to fit every window, it will make your windows shatterproof and, in case you want to change it at a later stage,isn’t a permanent fixture. Try our pricing calculator and download our best dressed windows guide and let us take care of the rest.

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